22.May – Hero in My Blood

The day the tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma – I got a text from my younger brother…there weren’t any words in the text.  Just video snippets – live from the wreckage.  He was supposed to fly out that day to go back to Iraq but the flights had been cancelled – considering…

The video snippets he sent me told a story of raw damage…he donned his gear and went out with the other fire departments and manned triage – helping the walking wounded and collecting bodies.  He felt like he should be out in the chaos – so he left and went to the site of the elementary school and helped search for bodies of children, and to salvage the children that had not been taken by the tornado.

I was in awe – I’m in California…mackin’ and hangin’ – and my brother and my uncle (Fire Chief at Tinker AFB) were out there doing what comes natural to them – being heroes.

I love my family, I have an unwavering respect for fire fighters and i pray for all of those that lost someone in Oklahoma…



4 thoughts on “22.May – Hero in My Blood

  1. Touching post. Much love to your brother & his fellow brethren for all they do…& to you as well. My loved ones & I appreciate what u all do here & abroad.

    • thanks Liz – great hearing from you – please make sure you check out the videos as well!


    • Indeed! Make sure you subscribe and tell people about my blog!

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