23.May – Dope, Fresh & Cold Bustin’



For some reason I have always felt like the 80s & 90s had the bestest (yes bestest) of everything.  Topping the list of the bestest things besides Hip-Hop would be clothing.  I know that now-a-days the youngins rock “snapbacks” and follow the likes of Tyga and Big Sean and think that they have stumbled upon something dope. Well I come from an era where we just called them hats – and even before they came back you could catch your boy rocking some fresh 90s era NCAA hat (that of course snapped).  If you were to watch my video “My Story” (over in the vLog) section of the my site  – you would notice that I’m rocking a vintage Karl Kani sweatshirt that would make PAC himself proud! All I need now is a a denim jacket with the jeans to match that only Cross Colour’s could deliver.  To me… to dress vintage is more of a state of mind than anything – sometimes I feel like I embody what it means to be in C.M.B and walk proudly through the streets yelling “yes I am” even though no one asked me if I was my brother’s keeper.

Now I wouldn’t normally do this and actually I like to keep certain things secret – but there is a vintage boutique in Canada that sells all of the glorious apparel that I speak of – and this store is called “F as in Frank Vintage” – please go there and support and tell others about it that share the same acquired taste of a FAB 5 FREDDY – and in no time I will be hi-fiving others that sport cazals, M.C.M (making cash money), and Malcolm X hats!


Ken a.k.a Rocksteady B

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