27.May – The Law of Progression

There is something in synergetic flow that allures those that seek upward mobility in life.  I have often surrounded myself with those that were in position to mentor me to the next level (whatever that level may be).  In life you should always seek to do greater, be more, achieve – and just plain old impact the lives of those around you.  A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to the company you keep.  If I am keeping the company of people that aren’t doing as well as I am – please believe it is to bring them up to where I am…Otherwise my time with them would have the opposite result – BRING ME DOWN! – This is a very intentional relationship. There aren’t any arbitrary acquaintances – only those that fit strategy – either I’m helping you…or you’re helping me – besides that you can keep it moving –

It’s the law of progression. How can I expect to be great and I’m not around those doing great things? People wonder why poverty and dismay is cyclical – because people aren’t breaking the pattern.  Seek out those that have the recipe, learn to cook with their ingredients…and then in turn, return to where you came from and teach others how to cook. Show them the better diet of life.  What you will realize is that most won’t eat – but those that are hungry – will.

– Ken

8 thoughts on “27.May – The Law of Progression

  1. Most won’t eat….but those who are HUNGRY….WILL!!! YEP! YEP! As my Apostle recently stated, HUNGER IS A SIGN OF LIFE!!

  2. You are what you eat- so eat your friends but make sure they are healthy for you first! =\
    is that what you mean? :
    haha.. JK..
    Beautifully written KennyV
    Much love

  3. I always hungry! Eager for more! *Progression*

    If a plants not growing its dying!

    Supporting greatness lol ~Nice~

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