28.May – Chicken Noodle Soup for the Busy

Ok movers-n-shakers!

Here’s a recipe that will put you to sleep right where you sit.  Every single time I make this the rhythmic sounds of snoring fill the air – seemingly orchestrated by a composer.  Now the key to this cheating recipe is to go ahead and purchase a rotisserie chicken from your local friendly grocery store – that’ll save you a lot of time…although taking your time and picking all of the meat off of the bones can prove nerve-wrecking for those like me that contend with A.D.D!

All you need is the following:

3 – Chicken Bouillon cubes / 1 Rotisserie Chicken / Carrots (chopped) / Celery (chopped) / Sage / Thyme / 2 Bay Leaves / Basil / Fresh crushed Garlic / Sea Salt / Black Pepper / Butter Noodles / Butter / Baking Powder / Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (yes, I know)

1. Put a little water in a pot…when the water starts to boil drop your cubes in there.

2. Add more water once dissolved and then add your butter.

3. Add your veggies (carrots and celery) – and also add all of your seasonings, add your bay leaves as well – season to your taste – I prefer robust flavor – the soup needs to speak for itself – Dig me?

4. Now add all of that chicken that you’ve pulled from the bone – try not to do what I do and eat the chicken…lol one day I was so hungry i made a chicken sandwich on the side 

5. Let the soup come to a slow boil – taste it! – add more seasoning if you have to –

6. Add the butter noodles – let it cook for about 10 more minutes and then add a pinch of baking powder to thicken the broth

7. Eat – …..make sure you get enough Hawaiian Sweet rolls –

8. Sleep –

9. wake up and email me to tell me if you liked it or not –

***you will notice I did not give measurements – i don’t cook using them – because I’m the man.

Chef Ken

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