22.May – Hero in My Blood

The day the tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma – I got a text from my younger brother…there weren’t any words in the text.  Just video snippets – live from the wreckage.  He was supposed to fly out that day to go back to Iraq but the flights had been cancelled – considering…

The video snippets he sent me told a story of raw damage…he donned his gear and went out with the other fire departments and manned triage – helping the walking wounded and collecting bodies.  He felt like he should be out in the chaos – so he left and went to the site of the elementary school and helped search for bodies of children, and to salvage the children that had not been taken by the tornado.

I was in awe – I’m in California…mackin’ and hangin’ – and my brother and my uncle (Fire Chief at Tinker AFB) were out there doing what comes natural to them – being heroes.

I love my family, I have an unwavering respect for fire fighters and i pray for all of those that lost someone in Oklahoma…



19.May – Dare to be you

I want to take you back to 2000 – when I 20 years old and living in Japan.  That time was an awkward time and I suffered through it with one of my best friends Zaiid. We both had hit a point in our lives that we realized that most people dress so that others would envy/like or bite.  Basically rendering themselves a slave to what others thought. We fought long and hard that summer to not only be different than the others, but to honestly be ourselves. It was amazing that I didnt even know what I liked…needless to say that the outcome was crazy – a tall lanky dude that dressed like N.E.R.D before N.E.R.D was N.E.R.D (shout out to Pharell for making me seem like a bandwagoner too).

At the end of the day…13 years later – I can honestly say that I wear what I want to – without regard to the thoughts and opinions of others.  It’s a great feeling. You should try it as well. Dare to be yourself…unapologetically and unashamed.




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