5.June – All Types of Shade

Fun Vs. Fundamentals

So here we are – another year in hoops and the Heat are up against the Spurs. I hate the spurs – and it has nothing to do with them – it all started with David Robinson…extended to Tim Duncan and now the whole squad gets my disdain.  It’s such a shame how someone could enjoy the fundamentals of basketball so much but at the same time loathe a fundamentally sound team.  Popovich has the winning formula and uses it skillfully…great coaching is great coaching…but if I have to sit through the NBA Finals and look at Tony Parker’s smug-smile or TD‘s slothlike facial expressions then I’m going to take large doses of NyQuil to enter into R.E.M by halftime of each contest.  Hopefully Lebron’s inner-beast surfaces and the tandem of him and the one with the jawline of a G-Unit member (Wade) can put this away quick. We all know Boshasaurus will stay in the closet (pun intended) and TD will equalize his sometimey efforts.  I’m going to miss Paul George aiming to embarass a Miami Heater – but Manu will definetely bring some since of excitement on the Spurs side.

All-in-all ———- im sad that the NBA season is coming to a close – now we enter the dawn of the wackest time of the year when Hoops and Gridiron glory is no more – and I’m forced to watch ESPN highlights of baseball and whatever else happens in the summer – I guess the sports portion of my blog can be given to Hulu Plus reviews –

Dah Well

– Ken

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