21.June – Confidence is the new Black

In an era seemingly hard-laced with bold and unjust combinations.  One would have to ask (considering they have no sense of fashion) “What are the rules today?” – To that question I would proudly proclaim “whatever you deem them to be.” I personally set my own rules as far as what I don before leaving home.  And my honest guest concerning others that leave home with that rebel swag is that they wear what they wear and match it with confidence.

Nothing more sexy than someone knowing that they’re sexy – knowing they look nice – and this knowledge they have is intrinsic – divorced from outside influence they smile in the mirror as they put on something that represents them…my clothes speak for me – – – which is why in most cases I’ll deliver the subtle eyebrow raise instead of words when someone speaks. Arrogance? – nah baby…this is 33 years of fighting to be happy with who i am in my skin – and who i am in my clothes.

Were you with me when i was rockin’ the salvation army get-up and the holes in the soles of my shoes? When I get roasted for not matching or having the name brand apparel? No? – – then you definitely weren’t there with me when i decided that public opinion of a personal statement would no longer rest on my shoulders… and that I am ok – with what I have ….and what i wear….and what i wear, i wear in confidence

confidence is the new black

wear it boldly

– ken

6 thoughts on “21.June – Confidence is the new Black

  1. Yep Yep! INDEED! NICE! And unfortunately some equate massive stature with arrogance..not necessarily..you can’t help your presence being commanding… I mean you are a 6’7″ military officer. Lol

    • Thanks for reading Ms Wilson ! True I was created with the stature to match the personality

  2. I enjoy being confident in what I wear and the different styles I have. I thank God for making me me, and I’m not ashamed of it.

  3. Thanks VGold! I appreciate ur confidence and for sharing that. I’ve recently began to accept a style side that’s always been “in there” waitin to get out but had convinced myself that the standards of society fit me better. I’d often been jealous of those who rock their own individuality w mega pride.Thanks for the boost to continue and let the funky Sonshine shine!

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