25.June – Yeezus’ Holy Grail Carta Magna

I’m having a really hard time buying Kanye’s album – and for those that know me…know how much I go hard in the paint as it pertains to Kanye West – I have been down for him through every project – even 808s and Heartbreak (which I still feel was a complete work of awesomeness) – My own personal conviction…and really through the lens of my faith have a hard time looking at what Mr. West and Mr. Carter are doing as far as the whole deity-thing. YEEZUS? – HOLY GRAIL? – Whats the next album going to be “I am God” and “Through me you shall be saved you stupid minions” ??

I never bought kingdom come because of the implications – Most may know me as a pretty liberal non-conforming follower of Christ – but there are lines that I feel should not be crossed…and they are crossing them.  At a certain point it goes beyond me digging someones artistry. I don’t see them saying that they are “allah” or “buddha” of the rap game…or making comparisons to other faiths…i don’t know…wait, i do know

it’s wack, stupid – and they need to stop.

I am not supporting it.

– Ken

2 thoughts on “25.June – Yeezus’ Holy Grail Carta Magna

  1. That’s good to hear. I get BEYOND annoyed when I see believers talking about how dope their music is. How can you support someone that openly mocks your God? I’m sorry, but I ain’t going. I got off the JAY-Z train the moment he started calling himself Jehovah…. which was years ago. I haven’t been a Kanye fan since he did “Through the fire”. They BOTH can kick rocks.

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