7.July – “Out of the Shadows” – an insider’s review

A couple of weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to be an extra in a play – a play that I had vested interest in of course knowing very closely one of the actresses (moon) and the playwrite/director as well. I had been to several rehearsals in a support capacity – to either interview the director and cast or to drop-off or pick-up something here and there.  After I was offered the chance to be among this great number of brilliant people – I had to view the production on another level – i had to….in my own way (even as small as it was) – take ownership of my own little portion and help bring this story to life.

In short and brief dealings with the director – not knowing her, one would say that she directs with an iron fist, that also happens to be covered with “shards of glass” – on the outside looking in, one would question how anyone would subject themselves to her quick quips and colorful direction…but the actors and actresses know the deal, they see the drive in her to bring the best out of them – and as much as humanly possible, strive to meet her standard of excellence.  This cast of comedians, young actresses (there was 15 year old amongst us), first timers (myself included) , and great artists that have been doing this for years – fostered an environment of passion and follow-through that became infectious.

The only negative points i have about the play was how unprepared and unhelpful the staff at Garfield Theatre was. The lighting, curtains and timing were off at crucial times and drastically effected the montage flow that the director envisioned. Even with them constantly missing the mark and keeping the directors blood boiling off-stage – the production still delivered the overall message and intent of the story.

Passion, pain and drama is what this play is about – it speaks to reconciliation, stable relationships, faith, mental abuse, health issues, and being unapologetically you – I was woke up this morning thinking (and viewing my life through the lens of the play) “When I came out of my shadows, who was there with me?” and “What other things have me hidden in secret shadows?” – the play leaves an introspective taste in your mouth. As much as I would like to break the play down, and discuss characters and storyline – I’ll be very careful in not doing so – I want  you to see for yourself.

I, only being apart of this “family” for a couple of weeks – felt the bittersweet and somber mood when the play was over. Kudos for the performance, and all frowns for that light feeling in your belly that it was now over.  Now to look forward to future dates being booked for “Out of the Shadows” – and getting that text message, or e-mail from Lagayle Marie saying basically “Ken you’re the man, and I need you for the play, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE” – in which i would reply with “of course 🙂 – anything for you”

– Ken AKA David the drug dealer/orgy leader

3 thoughts on “7.July – “Out of the Shadows” – an insider’s review

  1. Lol….NICE! You got the BUG I see……I know it ALL TOO WELL. NOTHING LIKE LIVE THEATRE!!! #thespian

  2. I love this review. I agree…I’m looking forward to the next dates. Also, if you missed it; it’s a Must See!

  3. One, if not the best play, I have ever seen. I’m 71 and I’ve seen a lot. The only thing I didn’t like was that I thought it started at 6 instead of 8, so I was there two hours early. And because of that, my wife was hungry and I couldn’t stay to meet all of the cast.

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