14.July – God Bless the Treaded Path (Trayvon Martin Pouring)

I have struggled with posting something regarding Trayvon – but I feel that I have a responsibility to do so, so the question was never would I….but what would I say that hasn’t already been said.  After coming to a peace concerning my angle I find myself sitting here, now knowing what that gut feeling is that would drive a Huey to stand, a Malcolm to push and a Martin to sacrifice.

This train of thought and emotion is really to pay homage to the path that has been laid – and is now blazed for us to follow today. From the railroad runners networking the underground to the civil rights activists keeping the logs in the fire…God bless the treaded path.  We have an enormous responsibility to become and remain a collective caucus to demand education, judicial and economic reform. We are here to stay – there is no going back to Afrika so we need to make this our home.  There is no history beyond the middle passage for us, we are forced to start with the ships and the marketing of the black human and proceed to today.  We are not pushing the issues enough, we cannot accept what we have today as success.  Progression is the only answer, and based on the recent verdict of the Zimmerman trial – we are still in a very racial America (reference vLog “Ken on Display” Ep 6).  To quote a very good friend of mine (John Guy) – America has never apologized for what they did.  They’re not sorry for what happened, are they’re not sorry for what is happening.  Instead we get dismissive attitude in the face of victims and get told we’re pulling the race card.  Well I can’t help if the deck of 52 is full of race cards that you dealt “free world”.

The treaded path; footprints of ancestors and predecessors that struggled through intense adversity for us – where will our footprints show that we’ve travelled? – what will the future generations say about us?

God bless the treaded path – clearing, walking…progressing

Please educated yourselves, get involved with local politics, aldermen, city council etc…know your local programs and make sure our youth are participating in them – especially in neighborhoods where the majority of the residents live below the poverty level.  Harriet Tubman is quoted in saying (and i quote loosely) “I would’ve been able to save more slaves…..had they known they were slaves” – I’m telling your now, that we are systematically oppressed.  The chains, whips, and cotton fields have been replaced with lopsided economic structure and education system, mandatory minimums and privatized prison systems that get cheap labor from the inmates…and we all now who make up the majority of the inmates in prison – so our community continues to be displaced and emasculated…a cyclical montage of schleprock proportions.

Walk the path, walk the path – decide to do something and walk the damn path.

– Ken

3 thoughts on “14.July – God Bless the Treaded Path (Trayvon Martin Pouring)

  1. While I agree that racism is still very much alive today the question I ask is how do we break that cycle? I have seen people of every race saying some very unacceptable things in light of this verdict. Instead of this situation being one of a man killing a teenager, it’s turned into a white/hispanic/peruvian man killing a black child. It has turned Black Americans against White Americans and coaxed the hidden white racist out of his hole. It has given people a platform to spew hate on both sides. It has caused an even further divide in our culture.
    Preachers are standing in front of their congregations blaming “white America”. Finding that if you appease your sheep, they will continue to bring revenue. Politicians who would normally not take a stance have found a campaign platform where their “racial sensitivities” mask their desire for financial gain and power.
    The truth is that we will never know the truth behind the motivations of one man and one teenage boy, but one thing we can be sure of is that we have allowed the media to dictate who we are as a people. We are just as much a slave to their agenda as we have ever been.

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