16.July – The Irrelevant

This does not speak to a topic.

This speaks to a person.  The irrelevant person that has not chosen to dedicate their life to anything in particular and chooses to accompany the second hand on the clock in just moving along in time until they reach their final toc.  This speaks to the person that hides behind issues and becomes an opportunist in the face of things that they believe they are well versed on – but in actuality are irrelevant.

I hate when I watch ESPN and they have some ridiculous analyst on there that has zero credibility or criticizes players that do things they never had the ability to do (at least on a professional level). They are irrelevant to the discussion.  To any discussion.  They say that everyone is entitled to their opinion….i disagree.  Does my entitlement carry with it the right to speak to someone that was raped? Does it give me a pass to speak on the rigors that experienced by a person that has gone through extensive cancer treatment? – No.  In some instances my best lane is the “shut up” lane.  The “this does not concern you” lane.  On some…perhaps a lot of issues I am completely irrelevant to the discussion.  More people need to learn what they have liberties to speak on.  Especially public.  The worst ones are the ones that are verbose and appear to have obtained some level of intelligence with the use of grandiose words and lofty ideologies that vaguely target whatever issue is at hand.  But somewhere in their mind, they are convinced that they need to talk.

Please swallow all of the words.

– Ken