17.July – { recipe } Bradley’s Brown Sugar Brisket

I would make a video and show you all how to do it – but it’s sooooo simple that I feel like I would be insulting what little intelligence you have. (yeah – that just happened)

All you need is:  Brisket (trimmed) / EVOO / Rosemary / Pepper and of course BROWN SUGAR!!!

****Rub the brisket down with the EVOO and then season it with pepper and rosemary – then coat it in brown sugar…one, nice coating.

***Then place in slow-cooker on low – depending on how your slow cooker works and what the settings are – put it on the lowest setting and let that baby cook!

**You’ll know it’s done when you can take 2 forks and shred the brisket – – add a little BBQ sauce of your choice – not too much though you don’t want the sauce to be the boss – but you want it to accent this masterpiece.

*then commence your pigging out – slobbering at the table, and thinking about me the whole time.

*If you try this quick and easy recipe and like – please hit me up and let me know what you think!

– Ken

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  1. This sounds SOOO good!! Beef Brisket is my FAVORITE meat!!! Will do!!

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