19.July – Najee: “The Smooth Side of Soul”

I walk in the dimly lit room, looking around to make sure I don’t bump into anyone – the room opens up into a very well laid and modern restaurant with a stage all the way in the rear. This place; Anthology, San Diego’s premiere jazz spot with great dining was truly a place of exquisite environment.

We took our seats and the wait-staff came to see what we were having – the vibe and tone was that of a ’20s jazz spot but with a sexy hipster motif…..and who was gracing the stage? None other than the smooth brother Najee.  This amazing saxophonist and flautist really laid smooth jazz right at our feet, so much so that our feet had no other option than to move to the beats of songs from his latest album “The Smooth Side of Soul” – I fancied songs such as “You Tube” and “Mari” as i slowly snacked on my fried calamari.

At the end of the night, Mr. Rasheed (Najee) was very personable and thanked us….for coming to see him…a platinum selling artist – very humble and quiet in nature but very charismatic….His band was really cool and down to earth, his bass player Rashan even exchanged numbers with me after the show so we could go play basketball the next day (i never called because i over slept) but bumped into him in Hillcrest while going to eat at Hash House a GoGo….when i left Anthology I immediately downloaded his album – and I was not disappointed.

I thought to post this after riding home this evening listening to his album – and allowing it to   help me decompress after a long hard days work – and I encourage you to support good music and do the same.

– Ken