21.July – let’s be real for a second

I’m pretty sure God doesn’t care about you rocking those clean suits and dresses to church – as a matter of fact reference how Christ spoke of the sects in his day that prided themselves in their apparel – the day i went to the cleaners and picked almost 200 dollars worth of clothes…i was slapped in the face with a real life-point – that 200 dollars could’ve went to something more worthwhile than making sure my italian cut suits were crisp…somewhere like feeding someone…..

change your aim people – i remember one day whilst teaching Sunday school someone told me that they couldn’t pay attention to the teaching because i had on jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted to throw communion crackers at them….

.for those of you that don’t know…the extravagant styles in which you galavant to church in subconsciously attempting to look the best stems from slave owners have contests to see who could dress their slaves up the best – hence the term “sunday’s best” – check your tradition, make sure its not traditionalism and then proceed to maintain the true principles of faith. –

thanks, Ken

4 thoughts on “21.July – let’s be real for a second

  1. Yep yep….real talk indeed. But wait a minute….Ken did you say “whilst”? LOVE IT. #thingsonlyawordsmithwouldappreciate

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