17.July – { recipe } Bradley’s Brown Sugar Brisket

I would make a video and show you all how to do it – but it’s sooooo simple that I feel like I would be insulting what little intelligence you have. (yeah – that just happened)

All you need is:  Brisket (trimmed) / EVOO / Rosemary / Pepper and of course BROWN SUGAR!!!

****Rub the brisket down with the EVOO and then season it with pepper and rosemary – then coat it in brown sugar…one, nice coating.

***Then place in slow-cooker on low – depending on how your slow cooker works and what the settings are – put it on the lowest setting and let that baby cook!

**You’ll know it’s done when you can take 2 forks and shred the brisket – – add a little BBQ sauce of your choice – not too much though you don’t want the sauce to be the boss – but you want it to accent this masterpiece.

*then commence your pigging out – slobbering at the table, and thinking about me the whole time.

*If you try this quick and easy recipe and like – please hit me up and let me know what you think!

– Ken

16.July – The Irrelevant

This does not speak to a topic.

This speaks to a person.  The irrelevant person that has not chosen to dedicate their life to anything in particular and chooses to accompany the second hand on the clock in just moving along in time until they reach their final toc.  This speaks to the person that hides behind issues and becomes an opportunist in the face of things that they believe they are well versed on – but in actuality are irrelevant.

I hate when I watch ESPN and they have some ridiculous analyst on there that has zero credibility or criticizes players that do things they never had the ability to do (at least on a professional level). They are irrelevant to the discussion.  To any discussion.  They say that everyone is entitled to their opinion….i disagree.  Does my entitlement carry with it the right to speak to someone that was raped? Does it give me a pass to speak on the rigors that experienced by a person that has gone through extensive cancer treatment? – No.  In some instances my best lane is the “shut up” lane.  The “this does not concern you” lane.  On some…perhaps a lot of issues I am completely irrelevant to the discussion.  More people need to learn what they have liberties to speak on.  Especially public.  The worst ones are the ones that are verbose and appear to have obtained some level of intelligence with the use of grandiose words and lofty ideologies that vaguely target whatever issue is at hand.  But somewhere in their mind, they are convinced that they need to talk.

Please swallow all of the words.

– Ken

15.July – First Poem { the field and the boy }

My overall disposition is judged by what has been seen / a moment in history, a dark evil scene / a young boy laid in a field with the blades of grass and pondered upon his death without strength to last / the trees were absent and without a shadow’s cast / he lie with sunbeams in his face squinting he laughed.

Laughed at the notion of having the emotion of a blade of grass / single upon thousands, numb blades of grass / the pain of life damaging the youthful boy’s path / he stared at the sky and asked “how long shall i last?” / broken heart, broken soul for this there is no cast / sweet death he thought would kill pain quiet and fast.

the day he divorced himself of feelings from her / the day he was touched by him….where was her? / was the day innocence lost in the battle for him / he prayed that the sun would forever dim….he cried that his life would forever dim.

broken heart, broken soul for this there is no cast / sweet death he thought would kill pain quiet and fast.

14.July – God Bless the Treaded Path (Trayvon Martin Pouring)

I have struggled with posting something regarding Trayvon – but I feel that I have a responsibility to do so, so the question was never would I….but what would I say that hasn’t already been said.  After coming to a peace concerning my angle I find myself sitting here, now knowing what that gut feeling is that would drive a Huey to stand, a Malcolm to push and a Martin to sacrifice.

This train of thought and emotion is really to pay homage to the path that has been laid – and is now blazed for us to follow today. From the railroad runners networking the underground to the civil rights activists keeping the logs in the fire…God bless the treaded path.  We have an enormous responsibility to become and remain a collective caucus to demand education, judicial and economic reform. We are here to stay – there is no going back to Afrika so we need to make this our home.  There is no history beyond the middle passage for us, we are forced to start with the ships and the marketing of the black human and proceed to today.  We are not pushing the issues enough, we cannot accept what we have today as success.  Progression is the only answer, and based on the recent verdict of the Zimmerman trial – we are still in a very racial America (reference vLog “Ken on Display” Ep 6).  To quote a very good friend of mine (John Guy) – America has never apologized for what they did.  They’re not sorry for what happened, are they’re not sorry for what is happening.  Instead we get dismissive attitude in the face of victims and get told we’re pulling the race card.  Well I can’t help if the deck of 52 is full of race cards that you dealt “free world”.

The treaded path; footprints of ancestors and predecessors that struggled through intense adversity for us – where will our footprints show that we’ve travelled? – what will the future generations say about us?

God bless the treaded path – clearing, walking…progressing

Please educated yourselves, get involved with local politics, aldermen, city council etc…know your local programs and make sure our youth are participating in them – especially in neighborhoods where the majority of the residents live below the poverty level.  Harriet Tubman is quoted in saying (and i quote loosely) “I would’ve been able to save more slaves…..had they known they were slaves” – I’m telling your now, that we are systematically oppressed.  The chains, whips, and cotton fields have been replaced with lopsided economic structure and education system, mandatory minimums and privatized prison systems that get cheap labor from the inmates…and we all now who make up the majority of the inmates in prison – so our community continues to be displaced and emasculated…a cyclical montage of schleprock proportions.

Walk the path, walk the path – decide to do something and walk the damn path.

– Ken

7.July – “Out of the Shadows” – an insider’s review

A couple of weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to be an extra in a play – a play that I had vested interest in of course knowing very closely one of the actresses (moon) and the playwrite/director as well. I had been to several rehearsals in a support capacity – to either interview the director and cast or to drop-off or pick-up something here and there.  After I was offered the chance to be among this great number of brilliant people – I had to view the production on another level – i had to….in my own way (even as small as it was) – take ownership of my own little portion and help bring this story to life.

In short and brief dealings with the director – not knowing her, one would say that she directs with an iron fist, that also happens to be covered with “shards of glass” – on the outside looking in, one would question how anyone would subject themselves to her quick quips and colorful direction…but the actors and actresses know the deal, they see the drive in her to bring the best out of them – and as much as humanly possible, strive to meet her standard of excellence.  This cast of comedians, young actresses (there was 15 year old amongst us), first timers (myself included) , and great artists that have been doing this for years – fostered an environment of passion and follow-through that became infectious.

The only negative points i have about the play was how unprepared and unhelpful the staff at Garfield Theatre was. The lighting, curtains and timing were off at crucial times and drastically effected the montage flow that the director envisioned. Even with them constantly missing the mark and keeping the directors blood boiling off-stage – the production still delivered the overall message and intent of the story.

Passion, pain and drama is what this play is about – it speaks to reconciliation, stable relationships, faith, mental abuse, health issues, and being unapologetically you – I was woke up this morning thinking (and viewing my life through the lens of the play) “When I came out of my shadows, who was there with me?” and “What other things have me hidden in secret shadows?” – the play leaves an introspective taste in your mouth. As much as I would like to break the play down, and discuss characters and storyline – I’ll be very careful in not doing so – I want  you to see for yourself.

I, only being apart of this “family” for a couple of weeks – felt the bittersweet and somber mood when the play was over. Kudos for the performance, and all frowns for that light feeling in your belly that it was now over.  Now to look forward to future dates being booked for “Out of the Shadows” – and getting that text message, or e-mail from Lagayle Marie saying basically “Ken you’re the man, and I need you for the play, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE” – in which i would reply with “of course 🙂 – anything for you”

– Ken AKA David the drug dealer/orgy leader

3.July – Badbyes

I think that young Michael had it right.

I never can say goodbye, those goodbye’s are in actuality badbye’s – to my detriment i hold on to people that shouldn’t be held on to. to my detriment i allow the lingering sensation of “what if’s” as it pertains to keeping people in my life.  i believe people will be my demise. i love hard. i love with a sense that all that i believe should be….and when it isn’t – my soul crawls into a corner and weeps – in this weeping my tangible reaction is to salvage what has been deemed lost. this is bad.

how does one move on when you’ve anchored part of yourself in someone – and they have  left their fingerprints all over your heart. people affect us in so many ways. And please don’t think that this relational rant is all about the him & her.  There are many male friends that i love dearly and are no longer present – we never said goodbye – but absence implies everything – lack of attempt, being dismissive and abandoning cultivation of relationship is almost worse than saying goodbye – because closure is open.

how do we close on closure? – they say time heals wounds…but time also makes the heart grow fonder….this is conflicting – so i’ll just conclude that time is irrelevant.  we find closure by deciding to close. even if our minds ring with their voice, smell and personality – we decide to close – even when we don’t have words to say, so our body speaks for us through the voice of tears – we close.

goodbyes are hard

lacking definition is harder

yearning is the hardest


– ken