4.Aug – Air Life

I’m going to take you back to the 8th grade -back when i was a young stick-figured built teenager, still trying to find identity in the safari that is known as our school system.  During that time i was really budding as a basketball player and after my 8th grade year was over, I traveled with the varsity team and began to workout with them.  My skill-sets were growing but I still didn’t a certain hooper’s penache that a lot of my peers had….my best friend Los was irritated about his lack of playing time during our 8th grade season – so he was hell-bent on proving himself as a hooper.  Los boldly proclaimed one day as we walked across a long parking lot that during his freshmen year that he was going to start dunking on people…I looked at his 5’4″ skinny frame and thought – “is this dude serious?” – i think i subconsciously doubted him (and if anyone knows Los, you know that one thing you shouldn’t do is doubt him)

We went into the genesis of our high school career and Karlos began to display ridiculous amounts of spring. This kid was flying all over the place…and me and Los did everything together so I KNOW he wasn’t in the weightroom – now i had the ability to dunk- but not the ability to soar through the air…what was this dude doing?….I mean he was sometimes the smallest person on the court – but he was dunking on everyone – creating some of the best highlights in the late 90s that we still talk about to this day.

One day during practice, Los…possibly frustrated at my inability to cash in on frequent flyer miles pulled me to the side.  He pointed out a bolt that stuck out of the back of the structure that held the backboard in place as it was suspended from the rafters of the gym.  He said “KB…you see that bolt?…run, jump, and touch it” – so I did.  He then said “now look at where that bolt is in reference to the rim…”  The bolt was about 10″ above the rim! – The lesson Los taught me here was that it’s all about where you set your sights.  When Karlos went up for a dunk he aimed to dunk the ball at the top of the backboard…and on the way…he ended up at the rim.  This applies to life – keep your goals lofty but workable and fly through the air when the opportunity presents itself.  In doing that – you will experience that “Air Life” while others are just laying it up.

Thanks Karlos – I love you brother #LU

– Ken