17.Aug – For Fathers

To all of the responsible fathers out there – much love to you and may God bless you in everything that you lay your hand to.

I often think about how much my dad impacts my today – how much his anecdotes and parables to walk me to conclusions play out daily when I interact and guide my sons.  I take with great seriousness the past that I’m giving my two future men.  What will they think when they are my age? – which moments will stand out? where will I fail – and in my failure will, and how much will it impact them.  This should be on the shoulders of every father…everyday matters – every hug means something – every positive affirmation melds with their soul and every word attached with destruction will haunt them.  Discipline with love and care – push them to their limits – see greater for them than what you can even imagine for yourself – whatever my boys set in their minds that they want to do….i instill in them that they can be the greatest – solemn conversations about how they feel, enabling them to share emotion will prove best in their relationships later.  I know the unpopular thing to do is to encourage young boys that its okay to cry…in those moments when crying necessary…i am there to hug them. – crying is nothing more than your being expressing emotions when words just won’t cut it.  So if we take away that outlet for them to do so, then when they are emotionally stirred and they believe that men shouldn’t cry…they’ll either deal with it in aggression – or hold it in until becomes depression

show your children that compassion and love are what drives us as humans – these things, coming from a father sets great example.  I’m glad i had that example.  I encourage you to be that example.

To all of the men out there that aren’t taking care of your children – I pray that your hearts warm towards your seeds, and that you get in place…

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  1. I think every father or potential father should read this. A lot of times men feel like just because they’re still in the home supporting their family its enough. But that’s just one aspect. You have to be that father figure kids can draw strength from through interaction and motivation. Awesome summary!!!

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