19.Aug – World War Zzzzzzzzzz

Brad Pitt……why

The movie lacked a certain gore factor that should be present in any and every zombie movie…I felt like I was watching PBS’ take on a zombie flick – I will admit though…the airplane scene was a little exciting…I didn’t think anything could be more awesome than snakes on a m&^%$$!! plane, but I think zombies might have trumped Sammy L’s plane scenario.  It’s as if they attempted to make a zombie movie that wasn’t scary…heresy.

Bottom line is…(i would write more but there isn’t much to be said about this movie)

If you haven’t seem this movie then I recommend that you do something different like get your toenails removed – or….perhaps have a hot dog eating contest by yourself.

– Ken


One thought on “19.Aug – World War Zzzzzzzzzz

  1. So wrong….although you spoke as a true zombie connoisseur and it holds a certain weight of merit….zombies can upgrade too….come on man….the movie still rocked! Besides, Brad Pitt can pretty much do whatever he wants at this stage and it’ll be golden because he’s Brad Pitt lol. Lol @ heresy comment….that’s funny.

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