24.Aug – Who Killed Soul?


Please listen before reading the post….

In a conversation with a very knowledgeable friend of mine (Hector Sanchez) – he asked me a good question.. “Who killed soul?” …. I had to think for awhile…i thought about how there are no more groups singing.  The last successful female group was Destiny’s Child, and correct me if im wrong but the last male group was between 112 and Dru Hill (no i don’t count Day 26) – I’m talking about groups that made timeless hits.

Listening to Harold Melvin sing his heart out, the Blue Notes backing the song up with the utmost conviction really made me “miss” songs like this?  The artists that used to make soul, or that have the ability to do ….instead make pop.  I do get that there are the Neo-Soul artists out there, and the unsung singers crooning at any local event….but just as we mourn the death of Hip Hop but realize that those elements too still exist – I look at soul music’s obituary and I wonder how many kids they left behind and who’s going to grow up and make papa soul proud.  People like Usher and Neo definitely have the ability to go there but their techno infused records leave me standing in the rain looking like Darryl after Lisa dumped him.

I think the closest we have to a soul singer today (as far as mainstream is concerned…is OFWGKTA’s Frank Ocean – period.

– Ken