31.Aug – The Dad Fan


Today was my son’s first football game – I volunteered to be the game announcer…and even though it was my first time doing something like that I acted like i was a pro and had been doing it all my life.  Me and another team dad sat in the announcer’s box and began to tap into out mojo.   Kind of hard to watch your son on the field…have a microphone and NOT talk about your son – or directly to him over the loud-speakers…

I really wanted to talk to jojo when he got tackled in the backfield for a loss of 5 yards and got up and did a celebration dance…I’m like DUDE! – you didn’t do anything dance-worthy….STOP TOOTSIE ROLLING! – but the pure want for me to want him to have fun while out there enabled my chill….you know what son…tootsie roll out there all you want  – even though you all are losing by 30+ right now….I wonder where he gets that from?  I mean to really not be affected by circumstance or situation, and no matter what ….get off of the turf and show the people what you got.

I think I learned something today…not only as a dad – but as a fan…..

– Ken