2.Sep – { Woman to Woman } with Dr. Angela Thibeaux – “Real Talk”



REAL TALK! – For Women, about Women…

Ok, Ok, Ok!! So Kenneth has been on me to complete my initial blog post for kennethology.com. I kept assuring him that it was coming soon and soon wasn’t soon enough, so he continued to push. It was apparent that he was not going to let up or recant his tough love encouragement. So here it goes.

You may ask why it took me so long to submit my piece (6 months or more. Don’t judge me). Well its not because I didn’t desire to participate, not because I didn’t want to make time, and definitely not because there is nothing to say on the subject matter I’m addressing. Actually it’s the exact opposite. There is an incredible amount of things to be said, to and about WOMEN. Where do I start? Who do I address first? The strong woman, the broken woman, the driven woman, the lonely woman, the mama, the sister, the friend, the wife, the wanna be wife, the good woman, the anything goes woman, the smart woman, the abused woman, the confused woman, the girl trying to become a woman, the woman of God, or the woman of somebody else, etc. I know! You’re saying enough already, just pick one. I agree. So let’s just start with you. Yes you. The one peering at my words deciding which one or one’s are you.

I want to have real talk with every woman, no matter where you find yourself at the moment. Men say we are a mysterious creature. I tend to agree. Mysteries are intended to be discovered or revealed. Every woman desires relationships that embrace discovery and revelation. This is inclusive of different types of relationships (husband, parental, sibling, friends, etc). My mentor often quotes the true meaning of INTIMACY as: “to be fully known and fully accepted without fear of rejection”. Although women are great mysteries, we don’t want to remain a mystery. We want safe places to reveal the truth of who we are and we want that with people who actually want to discover the deep places that make us who we are. And it would be great if they stuck around after the discovery, just saying!

Of course we know that many women have yet to discover who they are and couldn’t begin to give revelation to anyone else about herself. I want to talk to you too! I am no expert but at least I am a woman and I can say that the older I get the more I know about me and happen to like what I know. I’m not perfect just living with purpose to be exactly who He made me to be.  It’s a great place to be!

So I invite you to take a journey with me as we embark to excavate the depths of your heart and discover the great mystery called WOMAN.  Are you excited? I surely am. Men are welcome to read and even comment but this blogger wants to have: REAL TALK: For Women, About Women!

Leave me a message if there is a particular topic you would like me to approach, I would love to do so as long as you come back and visit the blog and leave me a comment every now and then. Also check out the other contributors & videos as well. You won’t regret it.