4.Sep – Lee Daniel’s: The Butler (Short Movie Review)



I’ll keep this short, simple and to the point –

The timeline from the jump had me raising questions concerning the validity of this “true story” – – but I decided to overlook that and really get deep into the multiple story lines that ran through this movie.  I’m not going to lie…seeing Oprah act again was exciting, she did an excellent job and I was glad to see her on the silver screen.  However…..Terrance Howard is one of two actors that I loathe (the other being Cuba Jr., who surprisingly did a great job in this film).  The story of reconciliation, racial tension, the woes of relationship – and the fleecing of blacks in this country were told very well.

I will admit this – anyone that goes to this movie and allows the thrust of this film (being progression) to sink in, will be moved emotionally by the time the credits roll.  I highly encourage all of the white people to go see it – just because i think it’ll be good for you to be reminded of something that we’re told to forget.

I’ll leave you with this (no spoiler alert needed) – at the beginning of the movie the young butler was advised by an older black man to have two faces…his regular one….and the one he had to put on for the white man so that he will be well received.  If this statement doesn’t ring as truth to every black in America then I must be hyper-sensitive to such things.  I was advised the same thing when I was younger by my father – and because of this…

well…white people like me.






go see the movie –

– kenneth

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  1. Great post. Have yet to see it. The trailer scene where Forrest Whit kisses Oprah almost made me wretch.

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