4.Sep – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark: “Life Lesson on Drama”



God has a way of showing me life lessons that I couldn’t fathom being any more clairvoyant – this example does not deviate from previous teachings.

So, we have all had a situation (or been in a situation) where we walked away saying “damn it – why didn’t I say X, Y, Z or do X, Y, Z instead”? More times than not, you are more incensed by your (self-proclaimed) lackluster response to the situation than the ACTUAL situation itself…leaving you to walk away highly anticipating your next encounter so that you may levee the appropriate retort you failed to render initially.

….yea, that was me about two months. Got into a fairly heated exchange with someone; we are argued and argued and argued. Now by nature, I am a very easy going guy but that day was not the day. Another issue: being that over 25,000 people work at my job…I had to wait for 63 days – – yes, I counted the days in retrospect while writing this dating back to the meeting – – to exact my (verbal) revenge.

63 days later, here he comes walking down the hallway. My mood instantly went from cheerful to aggressive as my mind recalled our previous interaction, mixed with utter joy that I was finally going to be able to “get ’em”. In a long corridor, only he and I are there, looking at each other from opposite ends. We walked towards each other in what felt like slow motion, reminiscent of an old Western movie. My jaw clinched tighter and tighter as we inched closer. I said to myself repeatedly “please, let this M&#%@#F+$#!@ say ONE word or look at me funny and its gonna be some smoke in the city”! Now we are about 5 feet apart, he opens his mouth (***and at this point I have a plethora of expletives I am going to hurl his way just on the tip of my tongue, READY to go***) and says “hey, Man…how you doing? Was that your son I saw you with last Friday? He is a good looking dude”.

Wait. What? You mean to tell me I been holding all of this and YOU aren’t going to argue with me anymore? You mean to tell me that I am solo in this infuriated state of misery? I feel cheated. What about my response(s) I had prepared for 63 days? You mean to tell me he won twice: first, I didn’t win the initial encounter and second, he was holding on to it like me? BullsXXt.

And then realized (again)….you can expend so much more energy facilitating and crafting drama vice letting it go and not sweating the small stuff. Thank you God for this lesson.

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