10.Sep – { Expensive Free Thought } with Sydney Charles: THOTs


And now Steel Reserve has introduced flavored beer…My God! Look how far we have come…these people even have their own juice…I remember the days of them just having to walk around with a scarlet A pinned to their chest…and now look at the strides made for these promiscuous trollops. Let me back up…I need to start over.  Today’s piece is dedicated to the urban colloquialism: THOT.  Many of you may be unaware as to what exactly a THOT is…well, allow me to explain.  African-Americans are notorious for trying to find ways to shorten common verbiage into acronyms or code words so that the person being talked about is unaware of the insults being thrown their way.  I am inclined to believe that this word was created at a nightclub of some sort. Some irate female saw an old classmate dancing violently (and/or twerking) on every male in the club…hence “THOT” was created. “Look at her, she only had like 2 glasses of Barefoot Moscato and now she is all turnt up and being messy…ol THOT a**.”


That H** Out There, That H** Over There, These H***Out There, The H** Of Today, The H** of Town, Thirsty H** Out There…As one can clearly see, the words are interchangeable, nevertheless, the meaning and anger associated which each changes naught.

Do you need examples of THOTs? Of course you do, Most people are visual learners. I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a connection for you.

Average THOT


May or may not have a job, but always finds a way to own a Louis Vuitton belt or scarf and thinks she is doing it while sipping on that 6.99 bottle of Yellow Tail or Cook’s or Andre’s Cold Duck. She is often heard saying, “Ooooh, I ain’t even know him like that to be getting into his car, but oh well”…get it girl *side eye*.

Celebrity THOT


You thought their celebrity status would save them from the name calling? No, these are THOTs whose Jezebel ways are often masked by their money and talent (or lack there of)…but we see you ladies…Nobody wants to talk about how often you change your sheets due to your active lifestyle, but we know…OH yes, we know.



Any man that looks or dresses like this is guaranteed to be A THOT. You may even hear the following words come out of his mouth, “Man, I ain’t even into wine and shat like that, but I fawks with Moscado (I’m aware I misspelled it, it is for effect), or “Aye Jo! Have you had those Lime-A-Ritas, dem shats get you right fool”.

I hope this short discussion has provided you with enough information to be able to use THOT in your daily conversation.  It is not just reserved for those in the African-American community.  You see, this delicate word transcends all race, gender, and sexual orientation lines…use it for your trifling cousin who has 5 different baby daddies, use it for that co-worker you always see wiping his/her mouth after a bathroom visit, use it for that best friend who you love but you just can’t deal with their embarrassing and sexually dangerous choices…We all know a THOT or two, and if you are offended by this piece, the THOT might be you…

*cue Michael Jackson singing the end of “Remember the Time”, Thot thot thot thot thot..on the phone you and me…thot thot, what about us!?!?!?!?*

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