11.Sep – Nonsensical Spillage into your 50 Shades of Gray Matter



Now please note that this might be a complete waste of your time – or this might also strum a chord in the bowels of your soul that leave you in harmony with bone thugs…at any rate I ‘m about to just spill from my mind, onto this blog, onto your screen into your mind.  This is what I love – my ability to get into the gray…all 50 shades sans the sensual.

You will become that which consumes your mind.  Scholars are lauded for their expertise because they are well read, and whatever they have committed to the gray they can regurgitate.  And even if they can’t verbally vomit verbatim to exacting standards all that has been learned they are able to articulate thought from a position of having learned something…read something – or allowed a course of study to consume their thought.  Look at this — a medical doctor has become a doctor because they have proven that they have read enough books and absorbed the information well enough to be validated by an educational institution that awards them with credentials to practice medicine.  The minute a person comes to the realization that when and if they put their mind to something that almost anything is achievable.  The problem is not many people actually believe that. Heck with that train of thought hopefully my subscribers can read enough blog posts to where they become “kenneth” ……naaahh, you don’t have enough swag, im sorry about that.

The bible says that you can be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” – my brother Robert Park quoted me in saying that I wasn’t attacking him, but “attacking the way he thinks” – Do you think negatively? – are you a debbie or donald downer that leans towards the toilet of the the bathroom as opposed to recognizing the beautiful color scheme?  What do you allow to influence your thoughts?…most of you are sheepish anyway and can barely formulate your own thoughts or generate your own opinions without using someone as a single point of influence on your thought process – so then your 3 cents is secondary or tertiary rate knowledge. I encourage you to search your true convictions based on your moral code and the baseline of ethics that drive our values.  Some of you operate in all 50 shades of gray not committing to either side of any fence…but would rather be the adopted puppet of the majority OR strong personality in the room.  Who are you? What do you really like? What do you really want to do?

Ask yourself these questions – give yourself these answers….you owe yourself at least that.

Pay attention to your thoughts and what you spend most of the day thinking about…because therein lies your heart and your compass.

– Kenneth