19.Sep – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens – “You Ain’t ‘Bout That Life”



You Ain’t ‘Bout That Life:  Segmenting Your Online Imprint

So it finally happened…I had a blow up with a family member about her posting to my Facebook.  Due to my social media gadfly ways, I have no particular separation of my various friends, family and interests on FB, hell, its often fascinating watching them intersect.  But, yeah.  One of my family members had gotten into a habit of poo-poo’ing on a lot of my posts, giving out her “wisdom” unsolicited, commenting on things that she really should just scroll past.

One finally set me off, and after a heated exchange on messenger, I told her if she can’t respect my FB wall when I ask her to, she can leave.  Well, I guess she felt she couldn’t, cause she unfriended me.  Her husband did too.

That’s all fine (tho Thanksgiving’s gonna be awkward).  I realize a lot of people keep their various online activities separated for this reason.  Your weirder interests and what not may stay strictly on Tumblr or something.  Facebook being such an intersect of friends new and old, along with family, you soon realize you don’t want some of these people knowing about that part of your life.

It’s also interesting watching those that don’t particularly care.  I think I’ve learned a lot more about the views of people I’ve been friends with over the years that I never knew from interacting with them in real life.  They let it all hang out on FB.  The amount of fundies, lefties, tin foil hat conspiracists that I knew occasionally astounds me.  What drives people to post stuff to their timeline that they never bring up in real life?  Is it that disconnect of not having to discuss it face to face with someone that might disagree with you?  Is it just ignorance to how the internet works?

As always, I’ll keep watching and observing.  Will the paradigm either shift to where most will keep their less than general stuff off their “main” social media channel, or everyone will start intersecting their entire lives, not caring?  Or will something new emerge?

Fascinating stuff to observe.