19.Sep – PSA: Word to the Inconsiderate



**This probably applies to most of you**



This is something that I’ve felt over the years, and as I get older I get less tolerable of this offense that many are not aware that they commit. I know most service-members and people that work abroad can feel me on this one…and I KNOW my younger brother De’Anjelo agrees with this.

I want to take you back to the years that I lived in Japan and Italy…I would save my leave days up and spend thousands of dollars to come back home with the expectation that people would not only be excited to see me – but would make sure that they saw me – and not the other way around – meaning…If I flew over 14 hours across the ocean and made myself available to chill, I shouldn’t be the one chasing you down to get to together and I DEFINITELY shouldn’t be the one traveling all over the place to see YOU.  I think I did my part by paying thousands of dollars and flying thousands of miles to be around family and friends – I shan’t exhaust myself driving all over town trying to see people.  So I don’t.  I reach out to people via text or whatever and if they’re interested they hit me back and make plans.  I will hit you once and that’s it – not over and over again, because I’m not going to beg to see you.  If that means the visit goes by and I chilled at whatever residence or hotel that my head lays every night without seeing many people – then so be it.  I know my brother comes home from Iraq and tells everyone he’s home and makes ZERO attempts to see people – those that want to see him…make it their business to see him.

So while I’m here in Chicago – I have seen people that want to see me – i have plans to see  others that make effort to work their schedule to make sure we touchdown and grab a bite or share moments.  All of the others…dah well – it only shapes who I remain in contact with.

Stop being inconsiderate when you have family and friends in town – if they mean something to you – you will make sure you see them.

– Kenneth


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