19.Sep – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark



Whether you are running 26 miles for fun (Boston Marathon), teaching first graders their A-B-C’s (Newton Elementary Teachers), heading to chemistry class (Virginia Tech), walking home from purchasing a bag of skittles and iced tea (Trayvon Martin), sitting in a movie theater watching Batman (AMC Aurora, CO), minding your business (Southside Chicago), on a military installation for work (FT. Hood & Navy Yard D.C.)…evil will always remain in the hearts of some men and will manifest itself at times, random times that you wouldn’t – couldn’t even imagine; however, …the one thing we can NOT do is become desensitized to these types of atrocities. Our compassion, our caring of people from all walks of life is what separates us from tolerable, perpetual bedlam. But also, we cannot be so afraid of death that we forget to live.

Love and peace.