25.Sep – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens: “Watch Dogs”


It’s Getting to Where YouCan’t Find a Good Place to Be A Douchebag Anymore

The racists are being shamed.

The sexists are getting called on their bullcrap.

The ignorant are deleting their twitter accounts when their stupid malarkey goes viral.

For all the despair we feel in seeing our society’s worst being put on display in social media, there’s a flip side.  Those expressing hate, fear, sexism, and patriarch apologeticism are being shamed.

In a past column I talked about how people should maybe separate their particulars online when it comes to social media.  I mentioned some don’t, as they for whatever reason feel their twitter/fb feed what not is only going to their little circle of buds.

That same circle of friends you *think* all laugh at your racist comments.  Some are, probably.  Some are probably rolling their eyes at you internally, but they ain’t saying anything to your face.  But you embarrass them, and you don’t even know it.

They aren’t even saying it to you online when you tweet/post it.  But what they ARE doing is screenshotting it and putting it elsewhere on the net for the world to see how ignorant you are.

Someone collected a bunch of tweets after an Indian-American woman won Miss America that were incredibly racist, ignorant of her actual race, etc.  I checked those accounts, because they didn’t censor where they came from.

80 percent had been deleted.  And they weren’t sock puppet/dummy accounts.  Those were regular twitter accounts that those people had been using for a while.

They got shamed off the internet.

You go internet watchdogs.  Sometimes, our self-policing is the strongest force against stupidity.




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