26.Sep – { Poetry } with Ken: “The Touch”


someone touched me when i was dead.

and even though life had vacated, they ignited sensors

massaged the blood flow through these veins

nervously revived the nervous system to pain

death did not remain

my eyes slowly opened – felt like the first sight from birth canal

fingers twitched, skin itched from numbness dissipating….

and then there was the first breath – deep and slow…had a sensual feel

deep aches from scar tissues – my real scars rested on my soul

and that takes time to heal…

my head slowly turned  –  eyes rolled towards the one that cared enough to touch me…

a dead one

and just as assured as i was that life would go…

they got up and walked slow – my heart was beating fast but time slow

i felt my breath slow – life go slow…

death come slow…


as they made themselves more distant

death came instant

my eyelids did bid a farewell

the last sleep…

my lips uttered “please” ….

if only a touch from them would come

i would not have to rest, peace.