12.Sep – { On the Wall: Views From a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens: The Language of the Internet


The Language of the Internet

As we boldly step forward into the post-web world, old paradigms become new again, and humanity repeats itself in digital form.

For instance, we all know if you take a base language, give it to a group of people and seclude them to their own community, that language will change and be adapted to that group’s shared experiences, needs and environment.  Hence why different dialects, accents and what have you exist even within a small land region.  One only has to look at the Philippines’ 100 or so dialects to see how that much diversity of language we can have.

The internet merely took that to the virtual world.  Everywhere you go on the net, you see little communities that talk in their own code and syntax, have their own foibles of the written word, and, distressing to me, begin to write alike.

I think I really noticed it on Tumblr.  I SWEAR I read something by someone that I’ve must have read dozens of times; nope, different people.  But they are all people who developed the “Tumblr style” of getting their ideas across (they like billet points, randomly bolding and italicizing).  Not just in the aforementioned cosmetic sense; the turns of phrase, word flow, and word choices all seem eerily similar.

I can’t say I like it.  It’s certainly not an intentional thing.  All writers crib from their various influences when they write.  But most develop their own style OUT of that mish-mash hodge-podge.

What I see is everyone not evolving, staying within that framework of where they’re writing.  In an age where everything and anything is there, you would think the styles would be diverse and magical.  Some are, but a lot are stale and wholly reflective of their media origination.

Maybe it’s a growing pain phase of the net.  Maybe we’re going in reverse.  Can’t say for sure yet.

I’ll keep my eyes open tho.



11.Sep – Nonsensical Spillage into your 50 Shades of Gray Matter



Now please note that this might be a complete waste of your time – or this might also strum a chord in the bowels of your soul that leave you in harmony with bone thugs…at any rate I ‘m about to just spill from my mind, onto this blog, onto your screen into your mind.  This is what I love – my ability to get into the gray…all 50 shades sans the sensual.

You will become that which consumes your mind.  Scholars are lauded for their expertise because they are well read, and whatever they have committed to the gray they can regurgitate.  And even if they can’t verbally vomit verbatim to exacting standards all that has been learned they are able to articulate thought from a position of having learned something…read something – or allowed a course of study to consume their thought.  Look at this — a medical doctor has become a doctor because they have proven that they have read enough books and absorbed the information well enough to be validated by an educational institution that awards them with credentials to practice medicine.  The minute a person comes to the realization that when and if they put their mind to something that almost anything is achievable.  The problem is not many people actually believe that. Heck with that train of thought hopefully my subscribers can read enough blog posts to where they become “kenneth” ……naaahh, you don’t have enough swag, im sorry about that.

The bible says that you can be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” – my brother Robert Park quoted me in saying that I wasn’t attacking him, but “attacking the way he thinks” – Do you think negatively? – are you a debbie or donald downer that leans towards the toilet of the the bathroom as opposed to recognizing the beautiful color scheme?  What do you allow to influence your thoughts?…most of you are sheepish anyway and can barely formulate your own thoughts or generate your own opinions without using someone as a single point of influence on your thought process – so then your 3 cents is secondary or tertiary rate knowledge. I encourage you to search your true convictions based on your moral code and the baseline of ethics that drive our values.  Some of you operate in all 50 shades of gray not committing to either side of any fence…but would rather be the adopted puppet of the majority OR strong personality in the room.  Who are you? What do you really like? What do you really want to do?

Ask yourself these questions – give yourself these answers….you owe yourself at least that.

Pay attention to your thoughts and what you spend most of the day thinking about…because therein lies your heart and your compass.

– Kenneth

10.Sep – { Ken on Cooking } Tex-Mex Corn from Korn *ELOTES*


Ladies and Gents – just wanted to share this cooking joint with you….

I was in a creative mood the other day and recalled a conversation I was having with a friend that affectionately call “Korn” – and he’s a TexMex guy so he threw out some story about how he would just demolish corn that was prepared a certain way….I called him while creating art in the kitchen and asked him for the recipe and he shared it – so I share it with you in hopes that you try it and enjoy…..thanks Korn!

  • Mayo
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Chili Powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Mix in a bowl – cut the corn from the cob (i had already boiled it), and then put in skillet – place the mixture in the with the corn on a high temp – fry it enough where the parmesan melts…

Put in bowl


Then mentally thank Korn for the corn.

Hope you enjoy – godspeed…

– Kenneth

10.Sep – { Expensive Free Thought } with Sydney Charles: THOTs


And now Steel Reserve has introduced flavored beer…My God! Look how far we have come…these people even have their own juice…I remember the days of them just having to walk around with a scarlet A pinned to their chest…and now look at the strides made for these promiscuous trollops. Let me back up…I need to start over.  Today’s piece is dedicated to the urban colloquialism: THOT.  Many of you may be unaware as to what exactly a THOT is…well, allow me to explain.  African-Americans are notorious for trying to find ways to shorten common verbiage into acronyms or code words so that the person being talked about is unaware of the insults being thrown their way.  I am inclined to believe that this word was created at a nightclub of some sort. Some irate female saw an old classmate dancing violently (and/or twerking) on every male in the club…hence “THOT” was created. “Look at her, she only had like 2 glasses of Barefoot Moscato and now she is all turnt up and being messy…ol THOT a**.”


That H** Out There, That H** Over There, These H***Out There, The H** Of Today, The H** of Town, Thirsty H** Out There…As one can clearly see, the words are interchangeable, nevertheless, the meaning and anger associated which each changes naught.

Do you need examples of THOTs? Of course you do, Most people are visual learners. I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a connection for you.

Average THOT


May or may not have a job, but always finds a way to own a Louis Vuitton belt or scarf and thinks she is doing it while sipping on that 6.99 bottle of Yellow Tail or Cook’s or Andre’s Cold Duck. She is often heard saying, “Ooooh, I ain’t even know him like that to be getting into his car, but oh well”…get it girl *side eye*.

Celebrity THOT


You thought their celebrity status would save them from the name calling? No, these are THOTs whose Jezebel ways are often masked by their money and talent (or lack there of)…but we see you ladies…Nobody wants to talk about how often you change your sheets due to your active lifestyle, but we know…OH yes, we know.



Any man that looks or dresses like this is guaranteed to be A THOT. You may even hear the following words come out of his mouth, “Man, I ain’t even into wine and shat like that, but I fawks with Moscado (I’m aware I misspelled it, it is for effect), or “Aye Jo! Have you had those Lime-A-Ritas, dem shats get you right fool”.

I hope this short discussion has provided you with enough information to be able to use THOT in your daily conversation.  It is not just reserved for those in the African-American community.  You see, this delicate word transcends all race, gender, and sexual orientation lines…use it for your trifling cousin who has 5 different baby daddies, use it for that co-worker you always see wiping his/her mouth after a bathroom visit, use it for that best friend who you love but you just can’t deal with their embarrassing and sexually dangerous choices…We all know a THOT or two, and if you are offended by this piece, the THOT might be you…

*cue Michael Jackson singing the end of “Remember the Time”, Thot thot thot thot thot..on the phone you and me…thot thot, what about us!?!?!?!?*

5.Sep { Expensive Free Thought } with Sydney Charles: “Cuffing Season”



Cuffing Season

Let the games begin! It is that time of year again.Summer has unofficially ended. You may have seen your last rooftop party and you definitely just packed away your all white outfit with the stubborn BBQ sauce stain that you won’t address until next summer. You have lived, drank, flirted, and been on a number of Sunday Funday dates and outings. And now you have looked up and realized, that it is September … football starts, hockey is around the corner, and basketball is on the way and yet, YOU’RE SINGLE!

Awwwwwww shat! In the midst of all your good times, you forgot to pick your fall and or winter boo thang. It is about to get cold outside and you have no one to do anything with. Netflix and Madden can only keep you preoccupied for so long. Don’t worry, you still have some time. Now I’m not about to regurgitate things that you already know about this sacred mating time, however I will give you a few tips on what NOT to do.

1) Don’t go through your phone and text the person you saved as ”Red Line Mike” or “Tiffany from Checkers drive thru”. You haven’t even hit this person up since you got their number. You might get cussed out or you might get a brand new stalker. This is not a viable option.

2) Do not go on Facebook looking for your crush from high school or college. Uncross your fingers. Chances are either they are married or now they are super busted…or both. That super thick chick, now probably looks like the Michelin man. Or the captain of the football team, now looks like the uncle of Chief Keef. In which case, they are looking for an out, and this is not your time to be Captain Save-A… I digress.

3) I know what you’re thinking…shouldn’t I just hit up my ex. Now see, this is touchy because need I remind you that you broke it off to “figure out what you wanted”, when really you just wanted to be a Summer Bunny. And it backfired and now you feel more like a Scattered summer Cockroach, frantically trying to move about and find sanctuary. So, go ahead and call, text, poke…but be prepared that you may get ignored or have a subliminal FB post about how thirsty you are or how ain’t nobody got time for that.

Thing is, you have about a month and a half to get it together. After that last Halloween party, the jig is up. So ladies, keep shaving those legs. Fellas, keep…I don’t know what you have to do…pretty much nothing, ain’t that about a…

5.Sep – { On the Wall: Views From a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens: “Murder Culture”


Murder Culture:  The Blasé Internet and Double Standard of Horrific Crimes

(Trigger warnings folks:  Real talk in here about terrible stuff like rape and murder)

Recently, Twitter and Tumblr have been all abuzz in the nerd sector over comments made by Mike Krahulik, artist and co-creator of the internet’s most popular web comic, Penny Arcade.  PA usually writes about video games and related culture, with occasional jaunts in other directions.  It’s always been frank and taboo-breaking; not in a “ha ha look how edgy we are” way, they’re just trying to make people laugh. And being inappropriate with societal taboos is a long-standing tradition of comedians etc.

To the point, they made a comic a few years ago with a throwaway line about a character in a demon-hell like world (I believe it was a Skyrim strip) complaining to the hero that they are “raped by dickwolves” nightly.  It brought them heat, Mike’s first response was defensive:  F*** you, I’m gonna make t-shirts that say “Raped By Dickwolves” and wear it to our convention (they put on one of the biggest video game conventions in the world).

Cooler heads prevailed, and he backed off the idea and somewhat apologized.  This year at PAX, he stated at a panel that he regretted not going through with it, which brought cheers from the audience and the outrage of the social media overreaction squad.

I’m not against a dialogue about how we use the crime of rape in our creative works.  Some claim for the sake of comedy, nothing should be off the table.  We should constantly seek the line and cross it for the sake of not stifling thought and creating dialogue.  Others believe the  use of rape as a punch line, even a throwaway one, is not only insensitive to those that have survived this terrible crime, but perpetuates a “rape culture” mentality that leads to so many women (and so many unreported men) getting violated.

You know what’s another horrific crime?  Murder.  Arguable the only one worse than rape.  And there’s no dialogue anywhere about how we’re perpetuating a murder culture.

No one is talking about how using horrific murder as plot device or a punch line is insensitive to the family and friends of murder victims.  No one is talking about how it perpetuates a society that is so blasé to the idea of the killing of another human being we become completely immune to the idea of it.

We hear about killing in wars, crimes, and wholesale genocide around the world.  At best, when you get up to the word “genocide” you may get a “dang, that’s terrible.”  Otherwise, with a few exceptions (the murder of a child will trigger an emotional response for instance); it’s just a part of life.   It’s so invasive to our culture that it pervades our daily language.

“My roommate left the milk out again!  I’m gonna kill him!”

That wouldn’t even make you bat an eye if your friend said that.

“My roommate left the milk out again!  I’m gonna rape him!”

Now, you’ve got someone’s attention.  Even in the context of ridiculous hyperbole, the word rape creates a visceral reaction in you.  If we say nothing else about the terrible idea of a “rape culture” in this country, at least that crime can provoke an emotional response from you.  As it should.

So yes, let’s dialogue.  But let’s expand the dialogue.  There’s some talk about how homosexual rape is used as punch line (especially in the context of prison), and is usually dismissed, and written off mostly as a deflection.  No, we need to talk about that too.  It should all be on the table, not just the one we have an immediate, emotional response to.  We should explore why we allow ourselves to treat ALL these with less importance than they deserve.

So call out those that are treating rape and sexual assault as a comedic device.  Also call out your friend who casually mentions how he wants to strangle his boss and bury the body in a swamp.   Call out the next oh-so-original Facebook poster laughing about how some criminal on his way to the big house is gonna meet his roommate Bubba (damn, that dude gets around) for some “quality time” after lights out.

Let’s talk.





4.Sep – Lee Daniel’s: The Butler (Short Movie Review)



I’ll keep this short, simple and to the point –

The timeline from the jump had me raising questions concerning the validity of this “true story” – – but I decided to overlook that and really get deep into the multiple story lines that ran through this movie.  I’m not going to lie…seeing Oprah act again was exciting, she did an excellent job and I was glad to see her on the silver screen.  However…..Terrance Howard is one of two actors that I loathe (the other being Cuba Jr., who surprisingly did a great job in this film).  The story of reconciliation, racial tension, the woes of relationship – and the fleecing of blacks in this country were told very well.

I will admit this – anyone that goes to this movie and allows the thrust of this film (being progression) to sink in, will be moved emotionally by the time the credits roll.  I highly encourage all of the white people to go see it – just because i think it’ll be good for you to be reminded of something that we’re told to forget.

I’ll leave you with this (no spoiler alert needed) – at the beginning of the movie the young butler was advised by an older black man to have two faces…his regular one….and the one he had to put on for the white man so that he will be well received.  If this statement doesn’t ring as truth to every black in America then I must be hyper-sensitive to such things.  I was advised the same thing when I was younger by my father – and because of this…

well…white people like me.






go see the movie –

– kenneth