28.Oct – { Nonsensical Spillage } – Lovethyselfhard



All of the mornings together bring you to a point – as the sun slowly makes her appearance at a horizon near you…you roll out of bed and stumble into your morning with zombie-like enthusiasm.  At some point in the morning you manage to look at yourself in the reflective glass – what are your thoughts?  Are they haunted by a withered and welted past that the breeze of the present whistles past your nostrils, and you smell the subtle stench of darkness?  Well I for one, am one of those that seem to live everyday life in a lucid nightmare that I mask with quick humor and wit – – anecdotes cloud my speech and popular waves of happenings are the thrust of conversation.  Who shall I let in?  Will those that have experienced the “polished ken” become apprehensive when they gaze upon the sub-human that decays behind a smile?  Who shall I let in? Surely vulnerability will not cloak me and keep me warm in the cold judgment of the gazers.

I let them in – I kick them out.  I let them in, I kick them out.

I have it figured out – about as much as quantum physics…I shall Lovemyselfhard – nooooooooooo that isn’t a poetic way to say I will indulge in a one player sensual RPG…but a decision to be ok with the rotted meat wrapped around bone – the dark and alone thoughts that leak into the soulish realm of my existence only to be labeled by some as a clinical emotion defect.  I am ok – I think I am qualified to suggest such.  BUT i shall soon come to attempt to exercise these angels that reside in me – partially spiritually and partially mentally – professional to say the least.

My shovel has no handle – so when I dig deep with the blade in hand it may appear shallow – but I only do what I can with what tool I have.  I know I may appear shallow but sometimes the words escape me to communicate the depth at which I hurt.  Closed eyelids can’t show the darkness that lies within…and through this, I shall always choose to love myself – which is the thin line between those that can’t walk through the darkness and carry the blade – so they self medicate by checking out early through a more *forever* method – to those that think upon this on occasion…I implore you to fall in love with yourself – for in those moments you realize that you do love yourself, and healthy self-relationship exists…then in the wake of terror, and when those first sun beams stretch into your morning …..you look yourself in the mirror and choose to love yourself enough to breath another day –

Love thyself Hard

– Ken

26.Oct – Subtle Drab Sandpaper Comedy

I’m one to fancy myself on things with a comedic value.  BUT – I hate obvious humor, unless it’s absurd obvious humor…you know…to the tune of a William Ferrell.

Implied humor – or humor that expects the recipient to complete the train of thought takes a lot of wit and craftiness to compose. – to me…the more everyday or subtle humor is – the louder it is.  Which is why I laugh at people and situations daily. Real life deals it’s hand of comedy almost daily – the funny people in life are equipped to recognize it and bring attention to it in such a way that those that don’t reside in that parallel universe “get it”


– Ken

26.Oct – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens



Tips And Tricks For Being a Better Social Media Monkey

A few things to get off my chest, social media stalwarts.  I gotta talk to you.  About your memes.  And some tips for safe SMing.  This is the gospel from me, and it’s posted on the internet, so it must be true!

–        Your childhood was not better because you didn’t have a cell phone.  Kids still play outside.  People my age, stop saying you “didn’t have Xbox.”  You had a Nintendo tho.  Stop frontin’.

–        Sports memes aren’t funny.  Sorry, they’re really lame jokes and you only force yourself to laugh cause they’re against a team you don’t like.  Get better writers.

–        We’ve been over this before, but putting text over a picture does not make it fact.  Stop sharing everything that comes in your feed.

–        “Hacking” requires you to break someone’s password or encryption.  Posting to someone’s social media after they left their computer/phone open to Facebook is vandalism.  Get your terms right.

–        Seriously tho, them duck faces gotta go.  Fad’s over kids.  It was stupid in the first place, and now you’re the equivalent of the guy still going around saying “Waaaaazzzzuuuuuup!”

–        Posting wall-to-wall lets EVERYONE see your message in your mutual friends group.  Depending on one or both of your security settings, maybe EVERYBODY.  It’s not the place to do your sextings, air out dirty laundry, etc.  Take it private message.

–        You don’t have to reblog EVERY picture set on Tumblr that relates to the thing you’re into.

–        Speaking of, if there’s no reason for a bunch of pictures to be wiggling around, stop making every photoset gifs.  Static jpgs work fine.

–        Putting a . in front of a reply will let your whole twitter feed see it.  Just a tip.

–        Everyone loves babies and kids.  But you don’t have to post every picture you take of them every day.  Spread it out a bit, people will be more appreciative and your kid/s won’t be old news.

–        No one listens to the songs you link from YouTube.

–        For my military members, remember who your boss is when you begin to rant against the government.  You’d be surprised who’s reading it.

–        Facebook isn’t ever going to charge you for using it (your information is being mined to advertisers, that’s where they make the money.  YOU are the product).  Stop posting that meme.

–        And yes, Facebook changes its security settings often.  Find out exactly what it is and what you need to do, if anything.  Copying and reposting someones “instructions” that may be false, out of date, etc makes you look dumb.

–        Creating memes about your group of friends can be clever and amusing.  Do more of that please.

–        When commenting on breaking news, please be specific on what you’re talking about.  Not everyone is watching Channel  5 with you.


We good?  Good.  Safe and fun networkin

20.Oct { Carrie } – Short Movie Review

carrie lead

Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore…

Their presence make the movie tolerable.  The difficulty in remaking a movie (and in this case a horror classic) is not deviating from what was – although you can’t beef up the story line of revenge and turn it into something that it is not, you can add to it with updated technologies….which they did a very good job of.  I left the theatre with an overall “meh” feeling – but that does not take away from the great job that I think Julianne and Chloe did.

I think there’s a bit of overkill in the area of bullying to make it theatrical – but I do think that what bullies should leave this movie believing is that…if you mess around with an extremely introverted telepathic kid – they might destroy your life…literally.  I guess sans telepathy, we have seen horrific times in this day in age when kids were fed up – and did the unspeakable.

The ending is the only thing about this movie that was “asi-asi” ….often (pronounced offen) times movie makers will struggle in capstoning classics – it felt rushed and weak.

All that being said -I’d still recommend grabbing a friend and spending $1000 at your local theatre to revisit Carrie and her story.

– Ken

19.Oct – The Viewing of David Chappelle



…..so, I was surprised with some really good seats to see dave chappelle last night at spreckles theatre, here in San Diego (thanks mel).  The whole day I was moist with anticipation to witness one of the greats return from hibernation.

– here i am….fourth row…hot as ever and in comes dave cheppelle..smoking a cigarette and looking like he had a lot to talk about.

bottom line up front:  HE WAS BRILLIANT – if you have the chance to go and see him…please do – you won’t be disappointed.  My highlight of the evening was like the last 45 mins of the show where he does what I like to call “freestyle comedy” – he let the crowd scream stuff at him – and he made jokes right off the top off the head…he’s just naturally hilarious.


19.Oct – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark



…as hard as it may be to fathom, I was not always this cool. Flabbergasted, right? – me too! *as I perk up in my seat writing this, eyes wide open with genuine shock* Something else even harder to comprehend, I was not always a sexual stud, consulted as a Doctor of Love or had a recurring role as a stunt double for Christian Grey either. Case and point: my first sexual experience. Well, not really certain you can call it a “sexual experience” more like a “sexual experiment” gone tragically wrong.

This recollection has haunted me for 20 years; so much so that I even wrote a poem about it but some of the intricate details were lost in its conception – here are some of those details but first the vitals: The year – 1993. The place – Okinawa, Japan. The girl – Krystal.

Krystal was older than me; maybe by 2-3 years and fine as wine. I can recall basically stalking her, plotting on how I would get her naked – planting seeds around her that hopefully one day would enable me the opportunity to plant those same seeds deeply into her womb. Success. We hung out a few times, 20-30 dates; yes she held on tight. But finally, our parents all had something to do and so she invited me over.

I remember walking over there, must have been around 8pm. My nervousness mixed with the humidity and distance of the walk had me perspiring from the onset; nether-the-less, I am about to see what this whole “Knockin’ the Boots” phenomenon is all about. Made it to her house and she didn’t waste a moment, leading me to her bedroom…all I could think was “man, I can’t WAIT to tell my daddy about this shit”. She started undressing me and my legs trembled so fiercely one may have assumed I was having a seizure. Completely clueless as to what to do next, she laid down and told me to get on top of her…now do to my abundance of coolness I snapped back “I know what I am doing, stop rushing me” but quietly I was thankful for the guidance. Made way to her and laid down on her, shoes still on. She whispered in my ear “put it in”, I obliged with the greatest of urgency.

In, out, in, out…I started doing WORK and telling her that I knew she liked it! I moaned a bit as the sensation gained momentum in my body; can’t believe I am no longer a virgin AND I am remarkable at Boot Knockin’. Continued on for about 15-20 minutes or so until she told me to stop, grabbed my cheeks and asked me “are you gonna put it in”? O_o “The hell you mean “am I gonna put it in”? I been working that “thang” for almost 30 minutes now”! She replied, “no, George…look down”.

Apparently, the combination of her luscious thighs, my heavy perspiration and lack of what “it” should really feel like was an issue; I was humping in between her thighs and no real penetration had taken place….yet. She guided me to the correct spot and forced me inside. Instantly, I feel as if I was electrocuted from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, followed by letting out a sound resembling that of a baby calf being born into the world: all taking place in about 45 seconds. I was done (X 3, each time shorter than the last…45 seconds, 34 seconds, 19 seconds).

Krystal told me to leave, never talked to me again and I never told my dad.


13.Oct – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadly } with Gabriel Owens



I’m Gonna Do What I’m Gonna Do

With the gub’ment in shutdown, the crazies are flying their flags high out on the social media front.  YouTube rants from Alex Jones types get passed around on SM like the gospel.  Macro images stating outlandish things regarding the president, medical care, etc are shared with nary a thought.

You, the alert, social media policemen of mine, are vigilant.  You look it up on skeptic sites and snopes.  You refute the crazy with links.  Sometimes they engage you with “well, he’s still a Muslim terrorist socialist” or “the reptilians are still running the country through the illuminati” or whatnot.  Oftentimes they don’t even reply.

Some are somewhat reasonable tho.  They may go “lol oops I should have checked that.”  Then, they continue to post more of the same.  It’s frustrating.  The above you can roll your eyes and move on, unfollow them or just egg them on if you’re feeling particularly trollish. The ones that at least will concede they fucked up and THEN keep doing the same thing are the ones we wonder about.

Why?  You obviously can be reasoned with, and acknowledge that you post bunk.  So why, why WHY O LOHD (cue my BBBW impression) do you keep posting crazy without verifying it?

Why?  Cause they don’t actually give a crap.  They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

What is with people who are just so self-assured to the point of annoyance they refuse to alter their behavior when pointed out time and time again how they’re effed up?  Is this a result of the “Mommy told me I’m special” generation we keep hearing about?   Are there really this many people that firmly believe in their infallibility to the point they can’t or refuse to alter their course because deep down, they feel like they’re always in the right?

How did we end up with so many people like this?  Or are they just more visible in this age of instant, digibyted exchange?

It disturbs me.