30.Sep – { Going Custom } with Ken


Hello all,

I’m sure you’ve read my take on style and fashion – and if not…then you should go back through the “Ken on Fashion” archives to really get a look at my stance on what’s dope and what’s not…All of this because I’ve crowned myself a subject matter expert on all things fashionable.  I mean…you have to admit – especially if you’ve seen me galavanting about in my eccentric articles of clothing that rarely match, patterns that fight each other and simple bold statements….to me, it truly is me inaudibly screaming to the world – “I have personality!”

I’m taking another hard turn…and this turn is against or combined with designer touch…depending on my mood for that day.  This turn is “going custom” – more custom made shirts – limited boutique visits and designs that come from my mind that speak to people.  If you’re reading this and cannot relate to one iota of it, then you probably are sitting there with ketchup stained JNCO jeans and a FUBU 05 jersey.  If this is the case then either take heed to my advice, or leave this site at once.  A lot of you envision yourself looking a certain way – and even more if you are concerned what others think when you dress.  I am always more concerned if someone else will look like me, so the idea to have something that is one of one is exhilirating.  I guess step one would be to find a dope tailor and seamstress and start adding even more definition to what Valmore looks like.

What do you really want to look like?  If you were to design something from scratch…even if it were the color and message on a shirt – what would it be, and what would it say? – Are you strong enough to “Go Custom” –

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