1.Oct – { Nonsensical Spillage on Porn&Romance } with Ken



Whoa unto me for writing on such a thing right?

I know the church folk will have a ball talking behind my back on this one! – Pastor Ken is out there AGAIN! – dah well….Can I live?….lol

This amount of spillage will come from the observation of romanticized sex versus the staunch raunch of pornography that people like myself grew up on.

I remember sneaking into the adult stash of videos and finding some that opened  pandora’s lingerie drawer.  I was about 13 years old, and every chance I got to be alone – or with one of my cousins…we would sneak a vid, pop it into the VHS and watch (of course with a look-out) how things should be done as it pertained to doing the sideways hokie-pokie.  This would damage my childhood experience and would also shape my approach to the bed chamber for the rest of my life.  The interesting thing about this, is that most men share the same experience in being raised by a very busty, freaky woman that was down for whatever and did whatever the producer told them to do.  Now for some CRAZY reason I grew up thinking that was the way to get down, and that women (for the most part) should behave like the “actresses” in this well-played out drama…boy was in for a rude awakening…

Sans a few extremely sensual women that grew up the same way us booger eaters did – Women usually envisioned a way more romanticized experience that they gathered either from some romance novel or ROMCOM that showed them a guy that was all about the conventional positional and compassionate ‘love making’ – this difference of view as it pertains to this very sacred act has left many disappointed…women feeling like a man just treated them like a 17 dollar woman of the night – and men feeling like their girl is a prude –

Might I suggest conversing with the person that you’re intimate with about such things – or you can remain dissatisfied and irritated with the notion of the act all together…which is of course where most of you fall into – some of us have too much pride to even receive feedback that we’re probably not cutting it ….( I can hear the thoughts of the alpha-male reading this right now ) – YEAH YOU……ask about it….swallow your pride and receive criticism on your performance and connection –

Unless of course….you’re scurred.

– Kenneth

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  1. As for the aforementioned “church folks” talking behind your back again. If those self-same folks would take the cork outta their butt and actually do what the talk about they wouldn’t have the time or energy to worry about you. Selah

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