1.Oct – { Expensive Free Thought } with Sydney Charles: “Crazy?”



You mean it’s okay to be crazy?

Yes, it is okay to be “crazy?” You see that’s what’s wrong with the African-American community. We don’t embrace the idea of it actually being a mental ILLNESS…that means you’re sick, that means you need help to get better, that means you need a doctor, maybe some medicine. But no, we are so quick to run to the closet to get that belt or that shoe that leans slightly to the right, to beat some “act right” into our children (Don’t get me wrong, some of them do need a good sound beating from time to time, especially the ones who listen to Chief Keef, I digress).

It is real out here…it is a chemical imbalance… it’s biological…there is a misfiring of brain synapses…there may need to be a change in the diet and environment that you are in. It’s not you just being sad or angry or emotionally unbalanced. It is a daily struggle to sometimes get out of bed, to focus on one thought at a time, to not freak out going to the mailbox. But don’t let anyone know because then it is “oh you let the Devil get a foothold on your life” or “Your faith is weak” or “Oh you must not be tithing”. I don’t see what any of these things have to do with the level of serotonin being produced in my body. But if me giving an extra $20 in the offering plate will help me from crying uncontrollably when I don’t have my Xanax refilled then sure., I’ll try it. Why not?

Do you see people of the Caucasian persuasion running to the belt or the prayer cloth when depression or bi-polar or ADHD hits? Maybe, if they are from below the Mason-Dixie line, but NO! They go to the damn doctor, they get a therapist, they acknowledge that they have a problem and the go get help.  You say the word disorder in our community and automatically you are put on the list of “America’s Next Top Crackheads”.

Let me give you a list of things mental illness does NOT necessarily mean:

1) You will not see the average person who struggles doing the Gangham Style dance on the Dan Ryan Expressway (there may be two rebels though)
2) You will not see the average person talking to themselves, unless they are trying to figure out if they left the iron on, which tends to happen a lot.
3) There will be no climbing of telephone poles naked. Well, maybe in Wrigleyville, but that’s just a regular Saturday night. (Note to the City of Chicago, maybe you wanna get some airborne Xanax and handle that situation)
4) Guns…knives…spears…okay, on a bad day, you might want to keep those away. Not gonna lie on that one.

Just wanted to give you a different perspective…help you understand…not be afraid…most of the time people with mental illness just want to be heard…or talk…or held…not judged or feared.
Except the ones who work at the post office…don’t mess with them.

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  1. Good post sis. Sometimes people just need you to take them to Portillo’s and you commence practicing the spiritual gift of shutting up and listening.

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