13.Oct – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadly } with Gabriel Owens



I’m Gonna Do What I’m Gonna Do

With the gub’ment in shutdown, the crazies are flying their flags high out on the social media front.  YouTube rants from Alex Jones types get passed around on SM like the gospel.  Macro images stating outlandish things regarding the president, medical care, etc are shared with nary a thought.

You, the alert, social media policemen of mine, are vigilant.  You look it up on skeptic sites and snopes.  You refute the crazy with links.  Sometimes they engage you with “well, he’s still a Muslim terrorist socialist” or “the reptilians are still running the country through the illuminati” or whatnot.  Oftentimes they don’t even reply.

Some are somewhat reasonable tho.  They may go “lol oops I should have checked that.”  Then, they continue to post more of the same.  It’s frustrating.  The above you can roll your eyes and move on, unfollow them or just egg them on if you’re feeling particularly trollish. The ones that at least will concede they fucked up and THEN keep doing the same thing are the ones we wonder about.

Why?  You obviously can be reasoned with, and acknowledge that you post bunk.  So why, why WHY O LOHD (cue my BBBW impression) do you keep posting crazy without verifying it?

Why?  Cause they don’t actually give a crap.  They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

What is with people who are just so self-assured to the point of annoyance they refuse to alter their behavior when pointed out time and time again how they’re effed up?  Is this a result of the “Mommy told me I’m special” generation we keep hearing about?   Are there really this many people that firmly believe in their infallibility to the point they can’t or refuse to alter their course because deep down, they feel like they’re always in the right?

How did we end up with so many people like this?  Or are they just more visible in this age of instant, digibyted exchange?

It disturbs me.