19.Oct – The Viewing of David Chappelle



…..so, I was surprised with some really good seats to see dave chappelle last night at spreckles theatre, here in San Diego (thanks mel).  The whole day I was moist with anticipation to witness one of the greats return from hibernation.

– here i am….fourth row…hot as ever and in comes dave cheppelle..smoking a cigarette and looking like he had a lot to talk about.

bottom line up front:  HE WAS BRILLIANT – if you have the chance to go and see him…please do – you won’t be disappointed.  My highlight of the evening was like the last 45 mins of the show where he does what I like to call “freestyle comedy” – he let the crowd scream stuff at him – and he made jokes right off the top off the head…he’s just naturally hilarious.


5 thoughts on “19.Oct – The Viewing of David Chappelle

  1. Two things: never ever use the phrase moist with….ever again. That sounds like a panoramic moment.

  2. Man I feel so relieved hearing you say how good he was. Some people you just want to see succeed and for me he’s one of them. Hate that I missed the show but still glad to hear it was good.

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