19.Oct – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark



…as hard as it may be to fathom, I was not always this cool. Flabbergasted, right? – me too! *as I perk up in my seat writing this, eyes wide open with genuine shock* Something else even harder to comprehend, I was not always a sexual stud, consulted as a Doctor of Love or had a recurring role as a stunt double for Christian Grey either. Case and point: my first sexual experience. Well, not really certain you can call it a “sexual experience” more like a “sexual experiment” gone tragically wrong.

This recollection has haunted me for 20 years; so much so that I even wrote a poem about it but some of the intricate details were lost in its conception – here are some of those details but first the vitals: The year – 1993. The place – Okinawa, Japan. The girl – Krystal.

Krystal was older than me; maybe by 2-3 years and fine as wine. I can recall basically stalking her, plotting on how I would get her naked – planting seeds around her that hopefully one day would enable me the opportunity to plant those same seeds deeply into her womb. Success. We hung out a few times, 20-30 dates; yes she held on tight. But finally, our parents all had something to do and so she invited me over.

I remember walking over there, must have been around 8pm. My nervousness mixed with the humidity and distance of the walk had me perspiring from the onset; nether-the-less, I am about to see what this whole “Knockin’ the Boots” phenomenon is all about. Made it to her house and she didn’t waste a moment, leading me to her bedroom…all I could think was “man, I can’t WAIT to tell my daddy about this shit”. She started undressing me and my legs trembled so fiercely one may have assumed I was having a seizure. Completely clueless as to what to do next, she laid down and told me to get on top of her…now do to my abundance of coolness I snapped back “I know what I am doing, stop rushing me” but quietly I was thankful for the guidance. Made way to her and laid down on her, shoes still on. She whispered in my ear “put it in”, I obliged with the greatest of urgency.

In, out, in, out…I started doing WORK and telling her that I knew she liked it! I moaned a bit as the sensation gained momentum in my body; can’t believe I am no longer a virgin AND I am remarkable at Boot Knockin’. Continued on for about 15-20 minutes or so until she told me to stop, grabbed my cheeks and asked me “are you gonna put it in”? O_o “The hell you mean “am I gonna put it in”? I been working that “thang” for almost 30 minutes now”! She replied, “no, George…look down”.

Apparently, the combination of her luscious thighs, my heavy perspiration and lack of what “it” should really feel like was an issue; I was humping in between her thighs and no real penetration had taken place….yet. She guided me to the correct spot and forced me inside. Instantly, I feel as if I was electrocuted from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, followed by letting out a sound resembling that of a baby calf being born into the world: all taking place in about 45 seconds. I was done (X 3, each time shorter than the last…45 seconds, 34 seconds, 19 seconds).

Krystal told me to leave, never talked to me again and I never told my dad.