20.Oct { Carrie } – Short Movie Review

carrie lead

Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore…

Their presence make the movie tolerable.  The difficulty in remaking a movie (and in this case a horror classic) is not deviating from what was – although you can’t beef up the story line of revenge and turn it into something that it is not, you can add to it with updated technologies….which they did a very good job of.  I left the theatre with an overall “meh” feeling – but that does not take away from the great job that I think Julianne and Chloe did.

I think there’s a bit of overkill in the area of bullying to make it theatrical – but I do think that what bullies should leave this movie believing is that…if you mess around with an extremely introverted telepathic kid – they might destroy your life…literally.  I guess sans telepathy, we have seen horrific times in this day in age when kids were fed up – and did the unspeakable.

The ending is the only thing about this movie that was “asi-asi” ….often (pronounced offen) times movie makers will struggle in capstoning classics – it felt rushed and weak.

All that being said -I’d still recommend grabbing a friend and spending $1000 at your local theatre to revisit Carrie and her story.

– Ken

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