26.Oct – { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens



Tips And Tricks For Being a Better Social Media Monkey

A few things to get off my chest, social media stalwarts.  I gotta talk to you.  About your memes.  And some tips for safe SMing.  This is the gospel from me, and it’s posted on the internet, so it must be true!

–        Your childhood was not better because you didn’t have a cell phone.  Kids still play outside.  People my age, stop saying you “didn’t have Xbox.”  You had a Nintendo tho.  Stop frontin’.

–        Sports memes aren’t funny.  Sorry, they’re really lame jokes and you only force yourself to laugh cause they’re against a team you don’t like.  Get better writers.

–        We’ve been over this before, but putting text over a picture does not make it fact.  Stop sharing everything that comes in your feed.

–        “Hacking” requires you to break someone’s password or encryption.  Posting to someone’s social media after they left their computer/phone open to Facebook is vandalism.  Get your terms right.

–        Seriously tho, them duck faces gotta go.  Fad’s over kids.  It was stupid in the first place, and now you’re the equivalent of the guy still going around saying “Waaaaazzzzuuuuuup!”

–        Posting wall-to-wall lets EVERYONE see your message in your mutual friends group.  Depending on one or both of your security settings, maybe EVERYBODY.  It’s not the place to do your sextings, air out dirty laundry, etc.  Take it private message.

–        You don’t have to reblog EVERY picture set on Tumblr that relates to the thing you’re into.

–        Speaking of, if there’s no reason for a bunch of pictures to be wiggling around, stop making every photoset gifs.  Static jpgs work fine.

–        Putting a . in front of a reply will let your whole twitter feed see it.  Just a tip.

–        Everyone loves babies and kids.  But you don’t have to post every picture you take of them every day.  Spread it out a bit, people will be more appreciative and your kid/s won’t be old news.

–        No one listens to the songs you link from YouTube.

–        For my military members, remember who your boss is when you begin to rant against the government.  You’d be surprised who’s reading it.

–        Facebook isn’t ever going to charge you for using it (your information is being mined to advertisers, that’s where they make the money.  YOU are the product).  Stop posting that meme.

–        And yes, Facebook changes its security settings often.  Find out exactly what it is and what you need to do, if anything.  Copying and reposting someones “instructions” that may be false, out of date, etc makes you look dumb.

–        Creating memes about your group of friends can be clever and amusing.  Do more of that please.

–        When commenting on breaking news, please be specific on what you’re talking about.  Not everyone is watching Channel  5 with you.


We good?  Good.  Safe and fun networkin

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