20.Nov – { R.Gaga & Lady Kelly }




The awkwardness that ensued on SNL recently when Lady Gaga performed featuring Robert Kelly was unsettling.  He came out with his Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace…and moved in an unrhythmic and bemusing manner that left me with my bottom lip hanging  while leaning forward towards the television…I slightly tilted my head and asked myself “Are they pulling a Miley & Robin?” – – I mean Gaga bent over and attempted to shake her lower-back in a seductive manner and the weird vibes oozed from the TV screen into my reality.  Is this Gaga’s attempt at Ratchetness? – If so…..I’m saddened to know that “Ratchetism” is spreading like wildfire and the aimed demographic is white girls.  Protect yourselves – educate yourselves and be safe out there.

– And to Robert Kelly…I have no words for your sir…but what do you say to dudes that pee on lil girls?..

Not much ….not much at all


– Ken

20.Nov – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark III



” The word(s) of the day are privilege and triviality. Both of these words play a colossal part in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case – just in different individual facets. Predestined PRIVILEGE is what Zimmerman experienced as he walked away from hunting and killing an unarmed child, while Trayvon’s parents (and a huge portion of the populace!) was forced to witness and attempt to grasp the perceived TRIVIALITY of young, black life in this country.

Zimmerman has been arrested, AGAIN. Literally: shaking my head.”

Now I would like to expound a bit by adding the word “accountability”, self-accountability to be more exact.

Why self-“accountability”?…because if we as black people (men more exact) don’t respect and value our own lives and the lives of others, how can anyone else be expected to do the same? You turn on the news and day-in and day-out, you are seeing black faces kill, rob, assault other black faces in droves. You look at the amount of black men in prison vice any other race and the numbers FAR surpasses other portions of the populace. We have grown so accustomed to the criminal (and at times animalistic) actions of our own people that we turn a blind-eye and it no longer resonates in our spirit and actions. So much so that there are “mass” shootings occurring on a daily basis in inner cities that don’t hit national news, ever.

Now there is a “Knockout” game being perpetrated by young black males; intent to knockout a random person with one blow to the face for fun. Excuse me, but what in the greatest of fucks is that? Some may not like it or agree with it but WE helped keep George Zimmerman out of prison. Yes, the prosecution sucked. Yes, the judicial system is set up for us to fail. But when more times than not, when violent crimes are being committed, we are the culprits. I guarantee you those jurors felt sympathy and her for Zimmerman by placing themselves in his shoes, considering they see teenage boys that favor Trayvon on the news, internet committing violent crimes.

We HAVE to do better. We HAVE to teach our children respect. We HAVE to teach or children compassion and loving everyone, regardless of race. We HAVE to teach our children, period.

18.Nov – { Weak Medicine }



“i’m so ill” …… 

There’s probably not a person walking among the living that has not gone through some sort of traumatic experience.  Many of us experience horrible things as children and never actually deal with what happened – and because of this we slide through life minutes away from breakdown, sometimes barely holding on while developing some sort of coping mechanism that enable us to at least “make it” with a sense of normality.   More often than not, these coping mechanisms serve as “weak medicine” because it only temporarily deals with the manifestation of a greater issue.  When we self-medicate, the outcomes can be avoidance, excuses, justification and ill-mannered behavior that if not dealt with can blossom into the blackest of roses.

We need strong medicine – which is not always in the form of a pill – sometimes it’s clinical – and other times it’s spiritual – whatever the means of getting strong medicine the fact remains that what needs to happen is the core of the issue needs to be dealt with – then the secondary and tertiary issues will begin to dissipate and true healing can take place.

Small bandages on deep wounds of the soul will serve no purpose for the fatally wounded.

17.Nov – { SNL }



I used to…and still do from time to time have aspirations of going to the gigantic apple and auditioning for SNL – I’m not really an “impressions” kind of guy so a lot of my material would have to be me, creating original characters unless I’m intentionally doing a horrible job at impersonating someone.  There have been two times in my life where I’ve done something with the sole intention of getting laughter from an attentive audience – I’ve done stand-up twice – and it worked…people were actually laughing and laughing hard – but none of my material was written, it was alllll improv. – – I guess this is where a lot of my insecurity lies…

I’m almost at the point where I’m like “screw it” – because let’s face it…my face belongs on the TV!  The only thing is, I’m freakishly tall – i don’t think they’ve had a cast member that has been 6’7″ before…..all of the skits with me in them would feature a giant.   That would suck – I think I just talked myself out of going to audition …

*goes to find something else crazy to do

15.Nov – { On the Wall: Views From a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens: Follow the Leader



Bitstrips!  Giraffes!  Trivia About Yourself That No One Cares About!  What does it all mean?

Well, we all love a good bandwagon to jump on.  Whether it’s a team that made it to the Super World Final Sweet Cup that you’ve never cheered for in your life, or growing a mustache to fit in with the cool kids, the internet and social media domain provides us with tons of silly, fun, and yeah, sometimes annoying little trends and “memes” to join in on.

If you love participating, go ahead.  But also realize that you’re probably annoying people who have seen about a billion that day or week.  Don’t get upset when they whine.  Just hashtag them #firstwoldproblems, and walk away with the smug look on your face, secure in the knowledge you just pwned them, snapped them down something fierce.

If you hate all the damn giraffe pictures and boring cartoons your feedmates seem to think are so clever, well, breathe.  Keep scrolling.  As always, it’s their social media outlet, not yours.  Some of the stuff you can even set parameters to block.  Or just stop following them if you can’t stand seeing their stuff anymore.

But at the same time, don’t be a Johnny or Joanna-come-lately:  If you only check your SM stuff once in a while, probably by the time you see it and decide to get in on the fun, you’re gonna look like that dude still rocking his Member’s Only jacket.  Once the fad has passed, it’s over.  Now you’re just some random jackass with a giraffe picture that no one can remember what the hell it’s supposed to mean.

Keep internetting, bloginites.

13.Nov { The Long Game }




I often converse with my dad about what he and my uncles have done in order to set our generation up to succeed and take our family as a whole to the next level.  Whether that was establishing a great work ethic, earning degrees or being entreprenurial – they were great examples. AND LOOK WHAT THAT HAS GOTTEN US – cousins and siblings that play/ed D1 level ball, earning masters degrees, climbing the top of the food chain in their respective career fields, owning homes and successful business’….and the list goes on.  The bottom line here is that they set a tone and a benchmark for us to pass – and we did…and now we’re doing the same thing for our children.  Our kids will grow up fiscally intelligent…seeing their parents and aunts, uncles and cousins as doctors and leaders in their fields.  They will also have upwards of 7 figures waiting for them – because this is all planning – this is all chess and no checkers – rich is one thing …but we’re slowly building a family of wealth.  It’s the long game.

One thing I’ve noticed about most black americans is they’re not very knowledgeable of how to play the long game and set-up the next generation for more opportunities and more success than we experience now.  Most of us (the blacks) focus on the now and then pour our money into liabilities – THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS IN AMERIKA! – and what do we really have to show for it…stylish bags…some hot shoes and we look good as hell…but what’s your NET WORTH THO? – let’s make a rap song about that (how about it 2-Chainz…Gucci?…no?)

We don’t know because we were never taught – but the excuses have to stop somewhere…the cyclical behaviors are sad and we all have to, within our own realm of existence make a decision to do something different…

– Ken