13.Nov { The Long Game }




I often converse with my dad about what he and my uncles have done in order to set our generation up to succeed and take our family as a whole to the next level.  Whether that was establishing a great work ethic, earning degrees or being entreprenurial – they were great examples. AND LOOK WHAT THAT HAS GOTTEN US – cousins and siblings that play/ed D1 level ball, earning masters degrees, climbing the top of the food chain in their respective career fields, owning homes and successful business’….and the list goes on.  The bottom line here is that they set a tone and a benchmark for us to pass – and we did…and now we’re doing the same thing for our children.  Our kids will grow up fiscally intelligent…seeing their parents and aunts, uncles and cousins as doctors and leaders in their fields.  They will also have upwards of 7 figures waiting for them – because this is all planning – this is all chess and no checkers – rich is one thing …but we’re slowly building a family of wealth.  It’s the long game.

One thing I’ve noticed about most black americans is they’re not very knowledgeable of how to play the long game and set-up the next generation for more opportunities and more success than we experience now.  Most of us (the blacks) focus on the now and then pour our money into liabilities – THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS IN AMERIKA! – and what do we really have to show for it…stylish bags…some hot shoes and we look good as hell…but what’s your NET WORTH THO? – let’s make a rap song about that (how about it 2-Chainz…Gucci?…no?)

We don’t know because we were never taught – but the excuses have to stop somewhere…the cyclical behaviors are sad and we all have to, within our own realm of existence make a decision to do something different…

– Ken