15.Nov – { On the Wall: Views From a Social Media Gadfly } with Gabriel Owens: Follow the Leader



Bitstrips!  Giraffes!  Trivia About Yourself That No One Cares About!  What does it all mean?

Well, we all love a good bandwagon to jump on.  Whether it’s a team that made it to the Super World Final Sweet Cup that you’ve never cheered for in your life, or growing a mustache to fit in with the cool kids, the internet and social media domain provides us with tons of silly, fun, and yeah, sometimes annoying little trends and “memes” to join in on.

If you love participating, go ahead.  But also realize that you’re probably annoying people who have seen about a billion that day or week.  Don’t get upset when they whine.  Just hashtag them #firstwoldproblems, and walk away with the smug look on your face, secure in the knowledge you just pwned them, snapped them down something fierce.

If you hate all the damn giraffe pictures and boring cartoons your feedmates seem to think are so clever, well, breathe.  Keep scrolling.  As always, it’s their social media outlet, not yours.  Some of the stuff you can even set parameters to block.  Or just stop following them if you can’t stand seeing their stuff anymore.

But at the same time, don’t be a Johnny or Joanna-come-lately:  If you only check your SM stuff once in a while, probably by the time you see it and decide to get in on the fun, you’re gonna look like that dude still rocking his Member’s Only jacket.  Once the fad has passed, it’s over.  Now you’re just some random jackass with a giraffe picture that no one can remember what the hell it’s supposed to mean.

Keep internetting, bloginites.

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