18.Nov – { Weak Medicine }



“i’m so ill” …… 

There’s probably not a person walking among the living that has not gone through some sort of traumatic experience.  Many of us experience horrible things as children and never actually deal with what happened – and because of this we slide through life minutes away from breakdown, sometimes barely holding on while developing some sort of coping mechanism that enable us to at least “make it” with a sense of normality.   More often than not, these coping mechanisms serve as “weak medicine” because it only temporarily deals with the manifestation of a greater issue.  When we self-medicate, the outcomes can be avoidance, excuses, justification and ill-mannered behavior that if not dealt with can blossom into the blackest of roses.

We need strong medicine – which is not always in the form of a pill – sometimes it’s clinical – and other times it’s spiritual – whatever the means of getting strong medicine the fact remains that what needs to happen is the core of the issue needs to be dealt with – then the secondary and tertiary issues will begin to dissipate and true healing can take place.

Small bandages on deep wounds of the soul will serve no purpose for the fatally wounded.

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  1. We all leak the real issues of our hearts. Strong medicine. That’s so necessary!

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