20.Nov – { Wretched Saint } with George Clark III



” The word(s) of the day are privilege and triviality. Both of these words play a colossal part in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case – just in different individual facets. Predestined PRIVILEGE is what Zimmerman experienced as he walked away from hunting and killing an unarmed child, while Trayvon’s parents (and a huge portion of the populace!) was forced to witness and attempt to grasp the perceived TRIVIALITY of young, black life in this country.

Zimmerman has been arrested, AGAIN. Literally: shaking my head.”

Now I would like to expound a bit by adding the word “accountability”, self-accountability to be more exact.

Why self-“accountability”?…because if we as black people (men more exact) don’t respect and value our own lives and the lives of others, how can anyone else be expected to do the same? You turn on the news and day-in and day-out, you are seeing black faces kill, rob, assault other black faces in droves. You look at the amount of black men in prison vice any other race and the numbers FAR surpasses other portions of the populace. We have grown so accustomed to the criminal (and at times animalistic) actions of our own people that we turn a blind-eye and it no longer resonates in our spirit and actions. So much so that there are “mass” shootings occurring on a daily basis in inner cities that don’t hit national news, ever.

Now there is a “Knockout” game being perpetrated by young black males; intent to knockout a random person with one blow to the face for fun. Excuse me, but what in the greatest of fucks is that? Some may not like it or agree with it but WE helped keep George Zimmerman out of prison. Yes, the prosecution sucked. Yes, the judicial system is set up for us to fail. But when more times than not, when violent crimes are being committed, we are the culprits. I guarantee you those jurors felt sympathy and her for Zimmerman by placing themselves in his shoes, considering they see teenage boys that favor Trayvon on the news, internet committing violent crimes.

We HAVE to do better. We HAVE to teach our children respect. We HAVE to teach or children compassion and loving everyone, regardless of race. We HAVE to teach our children, period.