12.Nov – { Rest Much Needed }



I know…I know…for those of you that follow my blog on any type of consistent basis – may or may not have noticed that haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.  The brain needed rest and I was using my brain power to forge the skeleton of a new music project.  I hope you all know what I actually put concentrated thought on my blog and even though some of my posts are titled “nonsensical spillage” – that they actually make a great amount of sense.

With that being said – I’m back…and the contributors as well – so look forward to the barrage of anecdotes, short stories and takes on life from the colorful group of writers here on “kennethology” – for your information…if you’re wondering what other things I have on the stove …here’s a peep:

1. Mixtape with “Amerikan Rap Krew”

2. Book titled “Penn and Paige” (a love story on art and the human dynamic told as fiction, with non-fiction cradled in it’s uterus)

3.  The stage-play for #2

…..all of that along with trying to maintain an interesting blog is what keeps the brain pushing…thanks for all of your support and please get the word out about my blog…

– Ken