2.Dec – { Pusha T :::: My Name is My Name }


Pusha T

The first time I heard this album was shortly after Jermaine Cole’s album ‘Born Sinner’ came out….it was said that Pusha’s project was better than Cole’s….so with that perspective I listened to it…and I didn’t really like it considering it was going up against an album with so much depth.

Fast-forward to a month or so later and I’m listening to the VA trappers art…and it pulled me in – with songs like “Pain” featuring Future ( and I loathe that man’s expression of music), King Push, Numbers on the Boards and one of my favorites; “Let Me Love” featuring the brown skinned beauty …Kelly Rowland – this album must’ve tapped into gravity because I started to grow an appreciation for the raw rap aspect of it.  The fun part of the album “Let Me Love” has Pusha doing a great MA$E impression where he rapped the entire song with the cadence and delivery of Mr. Betha in his prime….clever.  Pusha also addresses his brother Malice’s divine path to God and his relationship with him ….much respect.

In short – …..you want street – get the album – next project to be blogged about is my brother MIA3 from Chicago’s Hip-Hop scene…recently dropped a gem “Truth Is” ……

– Ken