7.Dec – { Short Movie Review: “Out of the Furnace” }



well….well…well –

I decide to tag along with my friend Eric to see this movie – we had just eaten at Ballast Point in Little Italy (get the Calamari if you ever go) – sat there and did some people watching in this feeding ground for hipsters and made our way to the theatre.  Since up until this point I had never heard of the movie – I only expected to see Christian Bale be a bad-arse…i mean because in the movie poster he has a freakin gun…

Well….well….well…to my surprise he wakes up to Zoe Saldana, encounters Woody Harrelson, has conflict with Forrest Whittaker – is siblings with Casey Affleck  that has a weird business relationship with William Defoe – “WHAT THE WHAT?” – this is a star studded cast of people that I like to see act (sans Casey).

All in all – I think what happened was Leonardo DiCaprio found this script, made some phone calls to some people so that they can do some amazing acting, in a pretty …”meh” storyline.  I mean to me the acting was so good – I had to watch, and not mind that this anti-climactic peek into the humanity of Bales’s character was the true thrust of the film.

After the movie Eric and I stood outside of the theatre and gave it two thumbs up – Eric also educated me on the fact that Jason Williams & Randy Moss were from the area this movie was based on – – interested non-important point for the sports heads.

Go see it.


– Ken