7.Dec { Thin Sliced Human…Please }



Recently – in light FB chat with a friend of mine Mrs. Terrica AKA TerricaAmerica – the wife of JDAGR8  ( www.iamjdagr8.com ) – she sent me some great words of encouragement, in a very sharp manner.  At the time I didn’t really let her know how her words punched me into clarity – but it did…I’m going to paraphrase her as I touch base on a couple of points she made…in short she basically said I was a beast and that i wasn’t aggressive enough in my creativity – but once i sharpened my focus…then I would see true success.

I would definitely have to admit that I am a thinly sliced human – if i were to touch base solely on the creative side of things – my laundry list would  be:

  • Valmore Gold (the emcee – working on new album “black grenade”)
  • Kenneth Bradley (the author – currently writing “Penn & Paige”)
  • Kenneth Bradley (the playwrite – the play will be based on the book)
  • Kennethology (the blogger – you’re currently on it)
  • Ken on Display (the viral show guy – click videos at the top)

I know I need to compartmentalize and plan these goals – but what are you doing to  balance yourself so you won’t be a thin sliced human? – focused energy and effort on doing a couple of things in an excellent manner always serves well – I guess my issue is that I love to do so much – it’s just a matter of priority.  So…write out the goals and things you would like to be great at doing – and then shrink the list to a couple of things that move you with passion every time you do it – then you will do what you were “designed” to do – as opposed to just seeking a destiny (thanks Pastor Vincent Allen for that nugget) –

I know a few people in my circle who’s grind is just as tenacious as mine – I hope you read this – and don’t spread yourself too thin….

– and to Mrs. Terrica (one of my friends that we converse to push each other to greatness – keep being awesome) – Peace to you and your family sister!



Terrica & JDAGR8 (make sure you check his site)

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