18.Dec { On the Wall: Views from a Social Media Gadfly }



Most Regular People Say…

By Gabriel Owens

It’s hard not putting celebrities on pedestals.  Sure, we like to think, hey, they put their pants on one leg at a time (maybe Michael Jordan jumps into them, possibly), but they seem so special.  They did something to get them to a higher plain than the rest of us plebeians; they must be so above it all.

If the great social media experiment has taught us nothing else, it’s that no, they really are just like you and me.  Frighteningly so.   All the same dumb thing we do, they do, when plopped unsupervised in front of a computer or smart phone.

1 – They can’t spell.  Seriously.  Now, if they post a blog to their website or publish an “open letter” that they probably get someone to edit (or write) for them, it’s usually well done, free of typos, edit mistakes, and the grammar makes sense.  But social media (especially twitter) allows them to shoot out quick whatevers, and BY GAWD so many of them have the writing style of a 12 year old with a solid D in English.  Actors and athletes especially.  It’s to the point you see anyone with well written screeds on SM, you immediately suspect someone’s writing for them.  It’s REALLY apparent when suddenly they go from perfectly acceptable output to all upper or lower case and run-on sentences where half of everything is misspelled and lacking punctuation.  Obviously, someone went off the reservation from their publicist and are actually posting to their SM accounts themselves.

2 – They’re petty and love drama.  There’s nothing funnier than if you catch twitter at the right time and get to witness to celebrities go back and forth like a text message arguing, fighting, slinging accusations and insults at each other publically over the DUMBEST of shit.  Again, left to their (smart phone) devices and no handlers for a moment, they behave like everyone else.  Airing out each other’s dirty laundry is bonus points.

3 – They believe the same dumb s***.  Now, for some celebrities who are more outspoken about such things, this is not a surprise.  But some that usually keep their mouths shut, social media sees them forwarding the same debunked bullshit, talking about vapor trails, propaganda about Bigfoot and Sarah Palin (hey…I HAVE never seen them in the same room…), etc.  Suddenly exposed, they either get real defensive or fully embrace it, if again, their handlers don’t get to them and reeducate them about SM.

4 – They shouldn’t be allowed near an internet connection drunk.  As a wise man once said, you shouldn’t text or post to Facebook after 2 am with a few cocktails in you.  It’s never good.  Waking up and looking at your text history after receiving a few “what the hell was that about last night” texts at 10 am is a Scroll of Shame.  Or going “what the hell, 80 new notifications on Facebook/twitter, what is everyone going…ooooohhhh…”  Now imagine doing that when you got 80,000 eyeballs on what you said.  Oh, you can’t delete none of that.  That’s screenshotted forever and TMZ already has the story out.

So, it’s certainly amusing to watch it all, and it makes us feel better about ourselves.  I don’t even think in a shadenfreuden way, but just in a “we’re all in this together, we’re all people” kinda way.  Hopefully it keeps on going before publicists and handlers get too strong a grip on their peoples in this still wild wild west world of web 2.0.

–   Gabe out